Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Him (Part Two)

The door opens and I turn my head towards Him, and smile. He responds with “Don’t move slut. I want to look at you.” I turn my head back and take a deep breath. Although I can’t see Him looking at my body displayed in such a way, I can feel His eyes on me. I can only just hear Him walking on the carpet. I dare not move, obeying His order to stay still.

I can hear Him breathing, He’s closer than before. And just as quickly as He came close, He moved away. I hear His voice “This look suits you. You look very sexy, very sluttish, very usable.” I feel His breath on my thighs. He says, “I see you are wet… Just how I like you”, as he flicks my clit. I gasp, not expecting this. He asks, “What’s wrong slut?” “Nothing Sir, you just surprised me”. He laughs. “Just keeping you on your toes”.

He moves away, I can no longer feel His breath on my thighs. I do not know where He is. “I see you had no troubles with the dildo.” I start to speak and He stops me. “I didn’t ask you anything, you do not speak. You know this!” He says, His voice rising a little in volume. I close my mouth as quickly as I opened it.

“Your cunt looks stretched to the max, I bet you’re loving it.” I take a deep breath in, concentrating on how good it feels to have both my holes full. I squeeze my cunt muscles and the dildo is sucked in a bit further. “Yes, you are loving it, I saw that slut. I knew you would. And that’s just the beginning…Just wait until they’re not filled with plastic, but with real cock.” I take a deep breath in, imagining how or if I could handle having my arse and cunt filled with real cock at the same time. He laughs. “You’re picturing that aren’t you?” I respond with “Ah ha.” “What was that slut? You know how to answer me.” “Yes Sir, I am imagining that.”

I hear Him across the room; He pulls a dining chair away from the table and sits down. “Tell me what you’re imagining.” He says as I hear Him undoing His belt and pulling down His zipper. I smile, partly at what I’m imagining in my head, and partly at knowing He’s undressing slightly. He’s probably hard just looking at me.

“There is a man laying on the bed, he smiles and motions for me to come join him.” From across the room He says “Tell me about this man.” I go back to the image in my head. “He’s tall, shorter than you though. Exotic looking, Spanish perhaps. He has a nice tanned look about him. Dark hair. Deep brown eyes. Nice waxed chest. Strong arms and legs. Average package, but nice.” “Okay. Keep going,” he says. “I straddle him, easing his cock into my cunt. It feels very nice. I start riding him, his hands glued to my hips, pulling me down onto him. His head tilts back as he enjoys my cunt engulfing his cock. I feel something against my arsehole. Someone is rubbing my arsehole with their finger.” At this point I start using my cunt muscles to move the dildo inside me. My master doesn’t comment, and I keep telling him about my fantasy.

“I feel a finger slip inside me and I moan. I have my cunt filled and am getting my arse finger-fucked by another man. I feel another finger push into my arse as he starts working two fingers in me. He moves his head next to mine and whispers: “ That’ll be my cock filling you soon.” ”

I start to use my cunt muscles more, wanting to be fucked. “Nice work slut, I can see what you’re up to, keep going with your story”. “The man removes his fingers from me and pushes me down so I’m laying on top of the other man. He leans in and spits on my arsehole, and rubs his saliva around. I feel the tip
of his cock at my arsehole. He slowly pushes, the head of his cock entering my arsehole. I moan louder than before. He says, “Yeah, you’re going to love being full.”

He doesn’t want to waste anymore time, and pushes hard, his whole cock filling my tight hole. I gasp as he does this. It feels extremely great having both my wholes filled, but more than that, it’s the size of his cock that is surprising. He is longer than average, which is not a worry; it’s the fact that he is a LOT thicker than average, which surprises me. I am being stretched. I don’t know how they’ll manage to fuck me.” My master interrupts me: “Do you like telling me your fantasy?” I stumble to respond. “Yes Sir, but it’s something I’m not used to.” “That’s okay slut, keep going”. “I needn’t have worried about how they were going to fuck both my holes at the same time, they managed quite well. One might say they were used to doing such things.”

I hear Him get up and move around the room. I hear His voice from beside the bed. “You look like you’re getting hot slut. Are you getting hot?” “Yes sir I am.” “Why are you getting hot?” “Because of what I am imagining, but partly because you’re looking at me while I’m telling you, and hardly wearing anything.” “And why would that have an effect on you?” “I like you looking at my body Sir. Especially when you make me dress up for you.” “I know, I can tell….All I can smell is the scent of a wet cunted slut.” I blush and smile. He moves onto the bed beside me. “Guess what slut?” “What’s that sir?” I ask. “I’m in the mood to use your mouth.” He says as he straddles my chest and places the tip of his cock on my lips.

To Be Continued.....

Him (Part One)

I receive a text message on my mobile from Him. It reads: “The usual motel, room 207, 6pm tonight. The key will be under the mat, let yourself in.” I assume He won’t be there when I arrive; otherwise He’d let me in. Either that, or He’s keeping me on my toes. Nevertheless, I decide to dress up for Him, just how He likes to see me, just in case.

I arrive wearing the shortest skirt and most low-cut top I own, fishnet stockings, high heels, and no knickers or bra as He likes. I knock on the door and wait for an answer. There isn’t one. I look under the mat, and there is the key. I pick it up and let myself in. The lights are off. I shut the door behind me and lean against it. The room is quiet. I turn the light on. He’s not here; an envelope and a box on the end of the bed take His place.

I open the envelope, the note inside reads: “My slut. You will find all that you need inside the box you see before you. Change into the outfit I have provided.” I stop reading and open the box. Inside I find a crimson lingerie set – crotchless panties, half cupped bra, stockings and suspenders. As well as the lingerie, I find the thickest plastic cock I have ever seen, a buttplug that is about the same size as the one I’m used to, and a blindfold. I go back to reading the note. “After changing, I want you to lay on the bed, and get ready for me. Put the blindfold on, insert the buttplug, and tease yourself with the dildo. You are NOT allowed to orgasm. When you are ready, place your arms above your head, so I can see your hairy armpits. I will be arriving between 6.45pm and 7.00pm. I expect you know what will happen if you are not ready as instructed. Signed Your Master.” I shiver at the thought of Him punishing me.

I am disappointed that I am dressed the way He likes, but will not see me like this. I undress, and enjoy the feeling of being naked. I take the lingerie set out of the box and start dressing. I am not used to wearing crotchless panties or this type of bra. I look in the mirror and I enjoy having my breasts on display. I take a seat on the bed and spread my legs, to see what the panties look like….Although not used to them, I like the look and feel of them. I stand and keep dressing in the rest of the outfit.

Afterwards I stand in front of the mirror and inspect how I look. I do a few turns, and I’m extremely happy with the outcome. He knows me so well! I take a look at the clock after I’m done and realise it’s 6.30pm. I start to panic a little, knowing He may be here in 15minutes, and I’m not ready. I calm myself down and take the toys from the box.

I lie down on the bed put the blindfold on and start to rub myself, and find that I’m already wet in anticipation of what’s to come when he arrives. I do as instructed; I wet the buttplug and insert it in my arse. I moan as I do this, I can’t help but love the feeling of having something in my arse. I pick up the dildo, and feel how thick it is. Surely He can’t expect that something this big will fit. I start to rub the head of it up and down my slit. It’s getting more slippery, the wetter I get. I place it at the opening of my cunt and honestly wonder how anything that big could ever fit.

I relax and try to push it in. It doesn’t budge, just slips around with how wet I am. I concentrate, He obviously expects me to be able to take it. After awhile of trying, I finally manage to get the head of it inside. It’s so big, I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to fit any more than what is already in there. Even just this little bit is stretching me.

I relax as much as I can, and slowly push a little more into me. Although I feel full, especially having my arse filled with a buttplug, it certainly feels very nice. After taking it slow for awhile, I somehow managed to have fit this dildo all the way inside me. I lay there with my legs spread wide open and my cunt and arse filled. I like the feeling.

I become more daring, and decide that maybe if I can handle this dildo inside me, maybe I could handle masturbating with it. I slowly ease it out a little, and then back in a little, all the while moaning. It doesn’t take me long until I’m fucking myself with this plastic cock I thought was way too big when I first saw it. I feel the start of an orgasm and stop immediately. I lift up the blindfold a little and look at the clock…. 6.43pm. I replace the blindfold, lie back down and just as I’m placing my arms above my head I hear the key turning in the lock.

To Be Continued.....