Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sugasm One Seven Zero

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This Week’s Picks
The fundamental things apply…
“If you can’t fuck me with your mouth, how are you going to handle fucking all of me at once?”

“Patiently, he took his time touching me here and there.”

The Study Date (Sugarbutch Star: Green-Eyed Girl)
“I bet she’s already wet.”

Sugasm Editor
Wardrobe Malfunction

Editor’s Choice
3a.m. Vulnerability

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Daddy's proud slut

i proudly wear His marks.

The freckled spots on my breasts from last night, evidence of how He likes to hurt me. Groping, twisting, turning, slapping. Causing me to wince with pain and moan with pleasure.

The pink bite size area on the top of my right breast from two nights ago. Slightly faded but still easily seen. And still sore to touch.

The long pink mark on one side of my neck. Blood drawn to the surface two nights ago, still lingering to remind me that i'm His. That i belong to Him.

My breath quickens, and my cunt aches seeing His marks on me.

Daddy, i proudly wear your marks of control and domination.