Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I was checking my stat counter this afternoon. I like to see where my readers are coming from and a lot them are from Persephone's Obedience, but others aren't. One link I came across, that someone had come from was Masturbation Links.

Then I noticed that here the author made reference to my "The Big Move" post. You can read for yourselves what he says, but I must say that I am surprised. Not at what he said, but the fact that he had been reading my blog and thought it was good enough to mention on his.

I really like knowing that people enjoy what I write. Other than my stories (that are few and far between), everything that is posted here is real, and has happened recently. I enjoy the fact that people keep coming back to read what I have to say. And it's always good to know you have another new reader out there.



Your Bishop
Bondage Position

Now you're nice and secure. Do you think you can get away? You better be careful because it can get so much worse.

How would you be tied up?
Take the Bishop Bondage Test
(only 4 questions)

I found this over at Thursday's Blog and thought I'd give it a go. Hmm...the thought of Him tying me up again...oh how I miss that. I miss how my tits look when they are all tied up. I'm sure it would look better now that my nipples are pierced.

Wonder if He would do that to me soon if I asked?


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Big Move

Well everyone I'm finally here!! (It's about bloody time!) Nothing much has happened, after all I've only been here a couple of days. All my stuff is still packed up except for the bear essentials at this stage. We'll have to sort something out soon, the boxes and bags of my belongings are an eye sore.

The night I arrived, I was lucky enough to watch Him masturbate (and help when He wanted me to). It's so great being able to watch Him, I have missed it so much. I was a good girl and helped His masturbation along by licking and sucking on His balls for a little while. We were in the computer room and He arranged a line of cushions for me to lay down on. I did as I was told and lay on my back with my legs spread wide, with my body from my breasts up under His computer desk.

We didn't make love.
We never make love.

He didn't fuck me.
He never fucks me.

Master always uses me, and that's what He did. He used my sloppy (His term) cunt to masturbate His cock in, while watching porn on the computer and imagining that He was fucking those women, instead of using His dildo whore. I am His masturbation aid and His masturbation toy. I am also His masturbation doll. I was instructed to open my mouth while He was using my cunt, and to keep it open. Why? So I looked the part of His masturbation doll, His blow up doll. And then He told me that I was competing against blow up dolls and He's right. After all, it makes no difference to Him whether He uses my sloppy cunt or the cunt-hole in a blow up doll. To Him it's just another hole to help Him enjoy His masturbation. And regardless of whether it's my hole or the hole of a blow up doll, Master never has to worry about whether anyone else needs to come.

He pulled out, stopped using me and started to jerk again. God I love to watch that! Then He wanted me on my hands and knees; I was a good girl. He started using my sloppy cunt again, telling me that it was better this way as He could see the porn much better. I really love it when he uses me while thinking about fucking the women He's watching. Using me doggy-style didn't last for too long before He pulled out and started jerking again.

He was sitting on the computer chair, with me on the floor as He pulled me in, and pushed my mouth to His balls. I licked and sucked and so badly wanted Him to cum. I really wanted to see Him cum again. He started jerking faster as He stood up. I adjusted my vision and looked up at Him jerking His hard cock like a dog looks up at its owner. "Close your eyes slut" was all I heard before He moaned and gave me a wonderful treat. Little Lucy had been a good girl and was rewarded by Her Master painting her face.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not Long Now

Hi everyone.

Well, not a hell of a lot to report at this stage. Except that it's less than a week until I pack up my entire life here and move to another town to be with Him. YAY!

I'm so excited about the move, and I can't wait. But boy is there a lot of things that I have to get done before then! Who knew moving would be this hard and time consuming? (LOL, yeah I know, most of you probably did, but I haven't done it before, so I didn't think there would be so much to do in such a short amount of time).

I've spent all of this morning running around and getting things organised. Putting things into my name, paying for things, changing my address (still have so many more companies that I need to inform) etc.

But all in all, I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be harder leaving my family then leaving the town. There's nothing wrong with where I am at the moment, I'm just at that stage in my life where I need to spread my wings and I need a change of scenery.

I hope all is well with you all.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope you enjoy the picture, I couldn't help but post this, especially considering the standard gift is flowers at this time of the year.

I wish you all the best for February 14th, whether you're with your loved one or apart, or maybe you haven't found them yet.

For those of you lucky enough to be with the one you love, don't take it for granted and enjoy the time you have together. I wish you lots of fun (both naughty and nice) and happiness.

For those of you that are apart from your loved one at this time, don't despair, because I'm away from mine too. I know it's sad to be apart, but someday soon you'll be with them again, and when you are together...cherish the time you have and enjoy each other's company.

And last but not least, to those who are reading this but haven't found that special someone yet, I say patient, and don't rush it. Wait for Cupid and his arrow to strike you, he knows best. I was struck when I least expected it (that's the way it usually happens), and I wouldn't change it for the world. Don't fret, your time will come and believe me, when it does, nobody will be able to wipe that grin off your face.

So I'll say it again, Happy Valentine's Day everyone and enjoy your day, however it turns out! I wish all of you all the best at this time.


Monday, February 04, 2008


I miss anal sex. I can’t help it. I love having something up my arse. But nothing feels as good as when He’s fucking my arse, pounding into me, and I’m breathless, because I am, and always will be, an anal slut.

I don’t normally ask for it when I want it. I don’t ask for it at all. Why? Because I don’t like the ‘mess’ associated with anal play. I feel dirty (not in a good way) about my messiness when it comes to anal fun. And I know this can be helped by an enema, but that’s something that really scares the shit out of me (no pun intended!).

He has bought a home enema kit, but we’ve never used it. It’s always been something that will happen sometime, but at this stage hasn’t as yet. I know the basic idea of how it’s done etc, but it still scares me. This will probably sound stupid…but isn’t that something that is just a little too personal for me to do with Him? And this thought is stupid, I feel silly even saying it. But, on the same token, it is really personal. Yeah okay, we’ve been together over 5 years now, but still.

I want to just say to Him “Alright, let’s try that enema”, but I just can’t bring myself to say it. It has nothing to do with me being afraid that He’s going to know I’m an anal slut – He knows that already. It’s the messiness and the embarrassment. That’s what it’s really about for me – how embarrassed I’m going to be. 1) Asking Him to try it, and then 2) actually doing it. I’m sure the results would be great, but how do I push myself to get to stage 1 of asking Him? I don’t want to be embarrassed about it, but I am. Although I’m a slut, sluts get embarrassed about some things too.

I want to have enough courage to just tell Him that although it scares me, and that I am terribly embarrassed about the whole thing, it’s something I want to do. I know He’s okay with it; after all He’s the one who bought the kit. He hasn’t pushed the topic, to which I’m grateful. However, I’m really starting to feel that this is something I want to experience, and soon.

I don’t get turned on by the embarrassment of this situation; I get turned on by how satisfying I’m sure the end result will be. And I’m sure that once I’ve done it one time, it will be a whole lot easier to do it again and again.

I want to experience nice and clean (hygiene), but dirty and nasty, full of passion and needy anal sex. I want to moan louder and louder as He pushes His cock further up my arse. I want to push back against Him, trying to force His cock further into me. I want Him to sweat. I want to hear Him grunt as He cums in my arse, and I want to moan as loud as I can when He lets me orgasm with His cock buried deep in my arse.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Only a quick one

Well, what a surprise I got Thursday night when I was talking to Him. He said that He was going to surprise me by coming to visit me on the weekend, but couldn't as He had commitments on Monday. Bugger! Then He asked about visiting this weekend that's coming up. I was all for it, until I realised that it would still be 'that' time of the month. Bugger again! So we chatted for a bit and I said that this weekend would be better for me. He then decided that He would come up Saturday morning and leave Sunday afternoon. Yahoo!

Although it was only a fleeting visit, it was wonderful to see Him again. And it was even better when He left...not because I wanted Him to go (I really didn't!), but because I knew I would be seeing him again in less than 3 weeks, there were no tears and I didn't plead with Him to stay longer (which is a big step for me, although not something I have to worry about once we move in together).

Oh how I've missed Him. And to be honest, it really is the little things that I miss the most. Like the daily kisses, waking up beside one another, having a meal together, getting cuddles and snuggling at night etc. Although in saying that, I did also really miss our masturbation sessions together. That's something that I was thinking about most of yesterday, in the lead up to last night. Mmm, my cunt's getting wet just thinking about it.

Last night was different. It was needy, and yet loving at the same time. I needed for Him to watch me play again, and I needed to watch Him jerk. However, we were also very loving with kisses and caresses. Although, it was more needy than loving (I think).

I was rewarded by being allowed to help Him as he jerked. I absolutely LOVE licking and sucking His balls as He jerks! There's something so animalistic about it for me. I enjoy it that much that He's told me previously that sometimes I get too eager and carried away. It's been a long time since He has let me help, and being able to do that again last night was just heaven. But it was different. He encouraged me to venture down further. He verbally coaxed me to lick His arsehole (something I've never done to anyone before).

I was a little apprehensive, and had many thoughts running through my head.
What would it taste like?
What would it feel like?
Would I be any good?
Could I do it right, or would I have to be taught?

I didn't have to worry about my ability...I was informed that I am a natural. (insert self proud smile here). As for the others, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I imagined it would be. I liked it; it was different. And He obviously enjoyed it. After all, I was told that I would be doing it more often from now on.

After I got over my initial apprehensions, I relaxed more. And He held my ponytail, and me in place, ensuring I continued what I was doing. I alternated between licking and sucking His balls, and licking His arsehole.

One thing I really love about licking and sucking His balls while He jerks is the fact that I'm constantly hit in the face with His fist as He pumps away. I've never been bruised from this, although the thought does turn me. It's strange but good. When I'm doing it, I'm face-to-face (or face-to-fist) with the fact that He would rather jerk off than have sex with me in the 'normal' way. I love seeing it so close. It shouldn't turn me on, the fact that He would rather jerk, but it really does. I love that He prefers His hand to using my cunt.

He asked me last night if I was still happy that this was how our sex life was. In between short breaths from fucking myself with my big dildo, I managed to smile and look Him directly in the eye and state that I wouldn't have it any other way. I quizzed Him if He was still happy with it, and the reply I got? "I never want to fuck you again". *sigh* Heaven really is a place on earth. I love hearing Him tell me this, it gets me more wet than I already am, without fail.

I watched Him jerk, as He alternated between playing with His balls and having my hairy leg rubbing against them. I watched as He enjoyed himself immensely, and came all over my leg. He showered me with His love. This followed with Him encouraging me to fuck myself harder, faster and deeper with my dildo. I'm His good little girl and did as I was told. He licked and sucked on my nipples, edging me closer and closer. He counted down from 20 for me. God how I LOVE hearing Him say "Zero. Cum for me slut!" And I did as I was told, and as I did, He pulled on my nipples harder (just as I like it), and I kept on cumming.

I fell asleep as peacefully as I could, knowing I had just been His good little girl again. A smile came across my face just before I fell asleep..knowing He would be there in the morning as I woke up. And wouldn't you know...that smile was back on my face as soon as my eyes opened this morning. Heaven really is a place on earth.