Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Big Move

Well everyone I'm finally here!! (It's about bloody time!) Nothing much has happened, after all I've only been here a couple of days. All my stuff is still packed up except for the bear essentials at this stage. We'll have to sort something out soon, the boxes and bags of my belongings are an eye sore.

The night I arrived, I was lucky enough to watch Him masturbate (and help when He wanted me to). It's so great being able to watch Him, I have missed it so much. I was a good girl and helped His masturbation along by licking and sucking on His balls for a little while. We were in the computer room and He arranged a line of cushions for me to lay down on. I did as I was told and lay on my back with my legs spread wide, with my body from my breasts up under His computer desk.

We didn't make love.
We never make love.

He didn't fuck me.
He never fucks me.

Master always uses me, and that's what He did. He used my sloppy (His term) cunt to masturbate His cock in, while watching porn on the computer and imagining that He was fucking those women, instead of using His dildo whore. I am His masturbation aid and His masturbation toy. I am also His masturbation doll. I was instructed to open my mouth while He was using my cunt, and to keep it open. Why? So I looked the part of His masturbation doll, His blow up doll. And then He told me that I was competing against blow up dolls and He's right. After all, it makes no difference to Him whether He uses my sloppy cunt or the cunt-hole in a blow up doll. To Him it's just another hole to help Him enjoy His masturbation. And regardless of whether it's my hole or the hole of a blow up doll, Master never has to worry about whether anyone else needs to come.

He pulled out, stopped using me and started to jerk again. God I love to watch that! Then He wanted me on my hands and knees; I was a good girl. He started using my sloppy cunt again, telling me that it was better this way as He could see the porn much better. I really love it when he uses me while thinking about fucking the women He's watching. Using me doggy-style didn't last for too long before He pulled out and started jerking again.

He was sitting on the computer chair, with me on the floor as He pulled me in, and pushed my mouth to His balls. I licked and sucked and so badly wanted Him to cum. I really wanted to see Him cum again. He started jerking faster as He stood up. I adjusted my vision and looked up at Him jerking His hard cock like a dog looks up at its owner. "Close your eyes slut" was all I heard before He moaned and gave me a wonderful treat. Little Lucy had been a good girl and was rewarded by Her Master painting her face.

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