Sunday, February 03, 2008

Only a quick one

Well, what a surprise I got Thursday night when I was talking to Him. He said that He was going to surprise me by coming to visit me on the weekend, but couldn't as He had commitments on Monday. Bugger! Then He asked about visiting this weekend that's coming up. I was all for it, until I realised that it would still be 'that' time of the month. Bugger again! So we chatted for a bit and I said that this weekend would be better for me. He then decided that He would come up Saturday morning and leave Sunday afternoon. Yahoo!

Although it was only a fleeting visit, it was wonderful to see Him again. And it was even better when He left...not because I wanted Him to go (I really didn't!), but because I knew I would be seeing him again in less than 3 weeks, there were no tears and I didn't plead with Him to stay longer (which is a big step for me, although not something I have to worry about once we move in together).

Oh how I've missed Him. And to be honest, it really is the little things that I miss the most. Like the daily kisses, waking up beside one another, having a meal together, getting cuddles and snuggling at night etc. Although in saying that, I did also really miss our masturbation sessions together. That's something that I was thinking about most of yesterday, in the lead up to last night. Mmm, my cunt's getting wet just thinking about it.

Last night was different. It was needy, and yet loving at the same time. I needed for Him to watch me play again, and I needed to watch Him jerk. However, we were also very loving with kisses and caresses. Although, it was more needy than loving (I think).

I was rewarded by being allowed to help Him as he jerked. I absolutely LOVE licking and sucking His balls as He jerks! There's something so animalistic about it for me. I enjoy it that much that He's told me previously that sometimes I get too eager and carried away. It's been a long time since He has let me help, and being able to do that again last night was just heaven. But it was different. He encouraged me to venture down further. He verbally coaxed me to lick His arsehole (something I've never done to anyone before).

I was a little apprehensive, and had many thoughts running through my head.
What would it taste like?
What would it feel like?
Would I be any good?
Could I do it right, or would I have to be taught?

I didn't have to worry about my ability...I was informed that I am a natural. (insert self proud smile here). As for the others, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I imagined it would be. I liked it; it was different. And He obviously enjoyed it. After all, I was told that I would be doing it more often from now on.

After I got over my initial apprehensions, I relaxed more. And He held my ponytail, and me in place, ensuring I continued what I was doing. I alternated between licking and sucking His balls, and licking His arsehole.

One thing I really love about licking and sucking His balls while He jerks is the fact that I'm constantly hit in the face with His fist as He pumps away. I've never been bruised from this, although the thought does turn me. It's strange but good. When I'm doing it, I'm face-to-face (or face-to-fist) with the fact that He would rather jerk off than have sex with me in the 'normal' way. I love seeing it so close. It shouldn't turn me on, the fact that He would rather jerk, but it really does. I love that He prefers His hand to using my cunt.

He asked me last night if I was still happy that this was how our sex life was. In between short breaths from fucking myself with my big dildo, I managed to smile and look Him directly in the eye and state that I wouldn't have it any other way. I quizzed Him if He was still happy with it, and the reply I got? "I never want to fuck you again". *sigh* Heaven really is a place on earth. I love hearing Him tell me this, it gets me more wet than I already am, without fail.

I watched Him jerk, as He alternated between playing with His balls and having my hairy leg rubbing against them. I watched as He enjoyed himself immensely, and came all over my leg. He showered me with His love. This followed with Him encouraging me to fuck myself harder, faster and deeper with my dildo. I'm His good little girl and did as I was told. He licked and sucked on my nipples, edging me closer and closer. He counted down from 20 for me. God how I LOVE hearing Him say "Zero. Cum for me slut!" And I did as I was told, and as I did, He pulled on my nipples harder (just as I like it), and I kept on cumming.

I fell asleep as peacefully as I could, knowing I had just been His good little girl again. A smile came across my face just before I fell asleep..knowing He would be there in the morning as I woke up. And wouldn't you know...that smile was back on my face as soon as my eyes opened this morning. Heaven really is a place on earth.


  1. Very hot Lucy. It is so hot to lick the Master on his ass. I love doing it to "R". And it's such a turn on to him. Another fun way to do that is to have him on his belly and lick away while playing with his cock. So great to see him squirm. It took me a long time to do that with him as I was not sure it would be something I'd want. Now I love it. If we have not had time to shower I will actually wash him up first. Something else he enjoys. MMMM giving me some ideas for Valentines Day.

  2. One of the hottest things I've read...


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