Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I find it quite interesting that I have an adult blog which I have discussed and posted my thoughts on many subjects. I feel free to discuss such things as: my submission to my Master, His control over me, anal sex, fisting, my fantasies, spanking, discipline, pissing etc. However, there are some topics that even for me, someone who considers herself very open to new possibilities and very open-minded, I think twice about posting about. I even thought twice before admitting about our masturbation lifestyle.

In today’s society, where fetishes are becoming more and more accepted, I still think twice before posting on some topics. But why, when sexual practices are less taboo than they used to be, do I hesitate on sharing my thoughts about some things? Because even though we have become more accepting towards others and their ‘interests’, some topics, I feel, are still off limits, and that I might be judged in a negative manner should I talk openly about them. None the less, that’s what I’m about to do.

Two topics in particular that I still feel have negative connotations are animal sex, and female body hair. Let these two topics sink in, and think about how you feel about them. Is it negatively or positively?

Maybe they don’t interest you, maybe they turn you on, and maybe they repulse you. But these are two topics that I could have posted about many times and haven’t. And I haven’t because honestly, I worry that I might get negative comments about what I say or that what I say would turn some readers away from coming back and reading my blog. Sure I could delete the comments (which I don’t want to do) or not write about them (which I have been doing), but I think today is as good a day as any to change that.

I’m not saying that I’ve had sex with animals, but it is a fantasy of mine. Whether I act on this or not in the future is irrelevant, because up until this point I haven’t felt comfortable admitting here that this is one of my fantasies and something that does turn me on. I’m not talking about animals in general or saying that I want to try having sex with as many male animals as I can, but I do fantasise about having sex with dogs and to a lesser extent horses. That’s as far as it goes with me, but everyone is different and I’m sure there are others out there that would want to try it with more than just a dog or a horse, and that’s cool.

Now onto female body hair, the other topic that I haven’t felt comfortable discussing here before now. We as women are taught from a young age that it is not beautiful or feminine to be sporting hairy armpits, legs, or facial hair. This is what razors are for, to get rid of that unsightly hair and thus be more appealing to the opposite sex.

Now I’m not a big one for facial hair on women, and I don’t have to worry about this, but there are women out there who do. It is their choice as to whether they keep this or get remove it, and I support their decision. The same goes for armpit and leg hairs as far as I’m concerned. It is a woman’s personal choice if she wants to keep it or remove it.

For me, I’m not being lazy when I don’t shave my legs. It’s a chore for me. I can’t see much clearly without my glasses unless it’s within a few inches of my face. This makes shaving my legs a tiresome task with spots always missed. Sure when I was just hitting puberty the idea of finally being able to shave my legs was exciting, but back then I could see more than I can now, and I bought into the media’s idea of what beauty is determined by. Now on the other hand, it’s a different story.

I’m not a tree-hugging hippy feminist and I don’t burn my bras, but I prefer to have hair on my legs. Yes I do shave, but far infrequently than I’m told I should. I always used to shave my legs before Master came to visit, because I didn’t want him to see me as not being feminine enough. Now I don’t. Why? Well, yes it’s my choice, but it’s also something He loves. Yes you read that right, He loves my legs being hairy. He would much prefer to touch my legs when they are covered in hairy growth than when I’ve just shaved them. Why? It’s a fetish of His, this is just who He is, and I couldn’t be more happy about that. I get to be me, and He loves me all the more for that.

I haven’t shaved my legs in almost 8 months, and yes I’ve been through Winter, Spring and Summer like this (and soon to be Autumn). I used to be self-conscious about wearing anything other than jeans or long pants that didn’t cover my hair. I would worry that people were staring at my legs, assuming I was some kind of hippy or feminist or both. And I’m not saying being either of those things is bad, it’s just not the reason for me not shaving my legs. So what about now? How am I now going out in public not having hair free legs? I do it and I wear shorts and skirts and people can see I have hairy legs, but I don’t care. I stand tall and true to myself, because this is me. And if they want to look and think negatively about me, then I say “Go right ahead”. What they think or feel doesn’t affect me. I am me and I will continue to be me.

Armpit hair I do have, although I don’t let it get too long. An inch is the longest it’s been (and some of you are probably reading this and thinking “An inch…and that’s not too long?”). I don’t grow it any longer because of personal hygiene reasons, and that’s my choice. How does He like it? I hear you ask. Well, He’s the one who encouraged me in the first place. I wasn’t opposed to it, but I wasn’t exactly for it either. How times have changed. My armpit hair and leg hair turns Him on, which in turn, turns me on. So here I am, saying it loud and proud that I am a hairy woman. Will I change my mind down the track? Possibly, but then again I may not. As long as we’re both happy, then that’s all that matters really. What other people think and feel about my body hair, as I said before is irrelevant. I will continue being true to myself until the day I die. After all, it’s me that has to live with it. And it certainly isn’t my job to keep everyone happy. I do what makes me happy period.



  1. Lucy!!! Kudos to you my dear. If someone stops reading you because they don't like your fantasies or your turn ons..then so be it. Let them go elsewhere. You are not here to be judged. They are not your jury. I have not fantasized about animal sex, but I do have a curiosity to it. Hair on your body...you go girl!!!! Keep sharing, I for one find your honesty refreshing. Hugs!!!
    Rose. I am headed to Boston, but once I'm back I hope to get back to my blog. My peircings are healing nicely. Don't know if I mentioned but they are both done now.
    All the best to you!!!

  2. Rose,
    Thank you for so promptly commenting. And thank you so much for your support, it means a lot. Everything you said made me smile Rose, you are a true friend. I'm glad you enjoy my honesty, but sometimes you can set yourself up for a fall by being too honest. Then again, I'm sick and tired of following the norm. I don't want to be another doll just like all the others on the manufacturer's production line!


  3. Lucy. Speak your mind if your readers don't like it it is there bad luck, it is your blog, your life, live it as you see fit. Must admit hair doesn't doesn't bother me much, prefer shaven but just as happy the other way.

    But animal sex is interesting, have seen some of the clips on the net and found them quite a turn on, some of the erotic stories available featuring D/S and animal sex is amazing. But again it is not for everyone, but there must be a market for it because there is a fair amount of it available.

    In the end whatever turns you on, thats all that matters! As long as you are not hurting anyone else ENJOY.

  4. Hi lucy, i really enjoyed reading your journal and love your honesty. Don't change for your readers, you are who you are and it's wonderful, that's why the people who read what you have to say keep coming back! i'm glad you feel so comfortable with who you are that you don't mind sharing. Ok, nosey question...when do you get to move in with Him or did you already and somehow i missed it?
    s bootsie

  5. Slave Bootsie,
    First of all, thanks for your comment. It's great to know that I can be myself and not have you all run away in horror at my latest admissions.

    Your question is not nosey at all. After all if I didn't want my readers to know that we were moving in together, I wouldn't have made any mention of it would I? (smiles). And to actually answer the question now...no, you haven't missed it, I haven't moved in with Him as yet. Although it is coming up very soon. My excitement is sometimes getting the better of me and keeping my mind on Him, rather than on my studies. Although I have been really good these past few days, a looming deadline helps with that.

    As excited as I am about the move, it really hasn't sunk in yet. I was driving home today and I just thought "I really am moving", but it still doesn't seem real as yet.

    Although it won't be straight away after I move in, I will be sure to keep my readers informed and post about it.

    Thanks for all the comments.


  6. Lucy,

    People should be able to imagine whatever they want, even if it isn't something they should actually do in practice. That's one of the most essential freedoms.

    You may find that most others are not as judgmental about these items as you imagine. I've had both girlfriends who shaved and those who didn't. I like them both ways. (Although, I did make one of my subs shave her legs for me and put on nylons just as a matter of dominance. But if she had meticulously shaved her legs, then I might have demanded she let the hair grow and put on socks.)

    As for animal sex, oh, that is strictly taboo! However, you would be surprised, perhaps, by how often it comes up in the fantasies recorded by Nancy Friday.

    Have fun in your head. It keeps you healthy.


  7. Hello..

    Its a year since this entry was posted and was wondering if I have missed anything that has projected you closer to your taboo fantasy or further away.. though having it still listed as an interest says enough..

    And as with all fantasies.. the online resources available are indefinite.


  8. Freddy,

    So basically, you're asking me in a nice, (slightly) subtle way whether since this last year has passed, have I in fact acted on my fantasy of having sex with a male animal (not human)?

    No. Nothings changed. Well no, that's not true. These days, I fantasise less about it. I guess I go through phases. For two months my fantasy might be glory holes, the next 5 months might be 3sums, the following two weeks might be inter-racial sex. You see what I mean? I'm in the phase where I'm all about watching Him jerk while sucking His balls, and making Him cum. And to be honest, it's one that will probably last for a long while yet :-D

  9. Hello..

    Nothing wrong with that.. a fantasy is a fantasy.. I've chatted to a few women who just fantasize and others who have acted on their fantasies no matter what it is..

    When you first posted this you were not the first to have this fantasy and definitely wont be the last.. believe me, lol.. it is very common with young and older women..

    I don't know anyone personally who indulges.. but who would be willing to admit it to their friends.. nonetheless it goes on and is quite popular..

    Good luck with your present and future fantasies.. hope they're everything you expected and more..


  10. Oh, and one more thing..

    If you do change your mind at any stage please let me know.. and I promise not to tell a soul, lol..



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