Monday, February 26, 2007

What do I enjoy most about having a Master?

  • Being controlled.
  • Dressing up as his naughty girl.
  • Pleasing Him.
  • Having Him use me.
  • Having to be ready all the time in case he wants to fuck me.
  • Him pushing my limits.
  • Being disciplined.

What more can I say? I can't really pinpoint everything I enjoy about having a Master, so these are just a few. It's difficult when one point is borderline being another etc. All of you submissive's out there know exactly what I'm talking about. All I can say, is that for whatever reasons I have, I just can't help myself, I love having a Master, and I love being His wet-cunted submissive sex slave!


Phone Sex

My cunt is just dripping after having phone sex with my Master, and that's all you can smell.
I love him cumming while listening to me fuck my wet cunt.
And I love cumming when he tells me to.
It's even better when he encourages me to moan and groan for him. My orgam's are so much more intense when he's listening to me moan while I fuck myself!
Even better is the fact that I don't cum when I want to, I cum when my Master wants me to.
And that, to me, is submission at its best.

Juicy Lucy

Friday, February 23, 2007


Some would say I'm a nympho, others would say I'm an addict, my Master says I'm insatiable.

Are these descriptions accurate protrayals of me? Yes! I simply cannot get enough. I'd have sex more often if I had it my way.

I also can't stop myself from masturbating...while watching tv, at the computer, when I go to the toilet, in the shower, in bed, it doesn't matter! I can't keep my hands out of my pants (when I'm wearing them).

We're taught as young girls that masturbation is not okay. That "you shouldn't touch yourself there". But from a young sexually liberated, submissive woman, I say that all women should know how to doubleclick their own mouse, before letting a man (or another woman) handle their hardware! And it's about time that we don't hide the fact that we all do it. Granted, it's not exactly something that everyone thinks is appropriate dinner conversation, but nonetheless it certainly isn't something that is shameful or dirty. We should all have the freedom and the courage to masturbate until we're pleased. And if you haven't yet given it a go, try doing it while someone's watching, and even when their doing it too!


Not Only Is He My Master

He's shaped who I am. He's more than just my partner, or my Master. In a sense, He's my creator.

I was a somewhat innocent young woman when we met, but that soon changed. I soon changed.

My natural instincts are no longer repressed. I have become the submissive woman I subconsciously always needed to be.

He has ultimately guided me to be my true self. The person I should have always been, but never had the chance until now.