Friday, February 23, 2007


Some would say I'm a nympho, others would say I'm an addict, my Master says I'm insatiable.

Are these descriptions accurate protrayals of me? Yes! I simply cannot get enough. I'd have sex more often if I had it my way.

I also can't stop myself from masturbating...while watching tv, at the computer, when I go to the toilet, in the shower, in bed, it doesn't matter! I can't keep my hands out of my pants (when I'm wearing them).

We're taught as young girls that masturbation is not okay. That "you shouldn't touch yourself there". But from a young sexually liberated, submissive woman, I say that all women should know how to doubleclick their own mouse, before letting a man (or another woman) handle their hardware! And it's about time that we don't hide the fact that we all do it. Granted, it's not exactly something that everyone thinks is appropriate dinner conversation, but nonetheless it certainly isn't something that is shameful or dirty. We should all have the freedom and the courage to masturbate until we're pleased. And if you haven't yet given it a go, try doing it while someone's watching, and even when their doing it too!


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