Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lucy's New Toy

After going out shopping for a new watch, we went to the local adult store. Daddy was kind enough to purchase me a new vibrator as my favourite one can now really only be used as a dildo (that's alright though). After being treated to a facial, I decided it was time to try my new toy. He was quite a bit thicker than I'm used to (part of the appeal, but he didn't seem that big in the shop) and a bit shorter. And he was much, much harder. It is uncomfortable if the angle isn't right, because of how inflexible he is. I will use him again, although he won't be a regular.

So after bringing myself to orgasm on my new toy, I hopped in and had a nice hot shower. We had dinner, watched some tv and then Daddy started playing games on the computer. I was in the mood again, so I grabbed my trusted friend, and took place on the bed, on my back, legs spread, rubbing clitty and pumping my wet cunt full of long, hard, plastic cock.

Daddy came to check on me, thinking I was sleeping. The sight He received when He walked in was very different to what He expected. (grins). "You're horny today" He said. I just smiled and continued. He joined me on the bed as He started nibbling at my neck and ear. Quickly the nibbles turned harder, more forceful. And soon He was biting my neck and ear, driving me wild. "Cum for me" was all He had to say and I was His. I used my trusted friend like there was no tomorrow, and in that moment, there was no tomorrow.

As soon as I came back to the land of living (lol), Daddy said "Shit. I bet I've marked you, and we have dinner tomorrow night". I just smiled and replied "I know. I thought of it at the time, but then thought meh...what the fuck".

Looks like this little girl and Her Daddy have to go and buy some foundation tomorrow.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Slutty Facial

I just finished watching a particularly hot session of Daddy masturbating! As usual, I progressed from sitting on the chair next to Him to sitting on the floor in front of Him. We were discussing the idea of us maybe having a sub of our own. (One that would be submissive to both of us, while I was still being submissive to Him). It was turning us both on as Daddy jerked faster, and I felt my cunt get wetter. I kept watching Him, waiting to see Him cum. Waiting to see Him spurt. Hoping He'll spray my face.

He stands up, and furiously continues jerking His hard cock. I know He's going to cum. (Still thinking "I hope He cums on me"). "Close your eyes" he says, slightly out of breath. As the good little girl I am, I do as I'm told. And as we know, all good little girls get rewards for being good, don't they? This one certainly did. I was rewarded by Daddy jerking His cock until He came all over my face and chest. He took one look at me and said "I should take a picture". And that's what He did. Several pictures were taken in fact.

I walked into the bathroom to start cleaning up and I admired His handiwork. I looked good with His cum splattered all over my pretty little girl face. And as I started to clean up, I got to thinking. And I thought about how I looked with cum all over my face, and I didn't think I looked like a slut. So the question I pose to you dear readers is this:

If I do something slutty, and it doesn't make me feel like a slut, am I still a slut?

I'm still deciding on this one. What do you all reckon?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy HNT!

Well, I guess this means I'm no longer a HNT virgin doesn't it? Hope this is an alright pic for my first HNT.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are you into BDSM?

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with
You scored as Submissive

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.)))

It feels good to serve. A lack of control in the bedroom can be fun and relaxing. Being with a dominant person wouldn't be a bad idea.

Degradation Lover






Exhibitionist / Voyeur














What Does A Dirty Slut Need?

I had helped Daddy masturbate, and now it was my turn.

There was a point during my masturbation last night when I really wanted Him to slap me. I wanted to feel His palm across my cheek. I wanted to feel the sting of where His blow had struck. I really wanted Him to slap my face. And this is unusual for me.

Sure I love being spanked. And even when it's a punishment spanking, I still get some enjoyment from it. But being slapped? Never have I wanted to be slapped. (And I recall once being slapped across the face by my grandmother....not a pleasant experience, or one I would want again). But nonetheless, last night, I desperately wanted Him to slap me. I wanted Him to strike me.

I didn't want to ask or request though. So I said nothing. So what about now? Do I still feel it? Do I still want to experience this? Yes, it turns me on thinking about it.

He's definitely in control when He slaps me. It's the Dominance thing I reckon. I mean, you know someone else is in control when you get slapped. That slap means business. It says "Listen here bitch, I'm in charge!!" That's what I wanted. I wanted Him to dominate me. And I wanted Him to show me that He was The Boss by slapping me.

Daddy will be reading this, so now He knows what I want.

Now I want to know what you all think about the face slapping..Is it for you? Have you done it before? Did you enjoy it? Do you prefer slapping others to being slapped? Let me know (so I don't think I'm the only one out there who wants to be slapped).

Women, do you agree?

We are women.
We are beautiful. (I am beautiful, so are you).
We have curves.

I am talking about bigger women. (I will not use the "F" word).
I love my bigger body size, I do not want to model a praying mantis.

Yes we are different to other women...but all women are different to one another.

When the general population is larger...why is it that we are still feeling the pressure to be (unnaturally) thin?

It has taken me years to be able to say that I love my body, and who I am.

I love my curves, my larger hips and my big boobs. I love my bum! I love that I feel sexy in my own skin. I love to look at myself in the mirror (and the view is getting better everyday). I love to run my hands over my body, feeling my curves, embracing them. I am a big women. I will never be petite. And I don't care. I want to be bigger. I want to have big boobs and womanly hips.

I am not shy. I love to show off. I love low cut tips that accentuate my assets. I love to wear short skirts that show off my bum. I know I'm sexy. I know that I get looked at when I go out (wearing normal clothes eg. jeans and shirt). I know men check me out, I see them doing it. And I'm not the only one they look at. I see men checking out bigger women, watching their arse wobble a little as they walk. Watching their fuller frames as they saunter through the shopping centre. Zeroing in on their breasts, bouncing as they stroll along.

Big women are beautiful.
Big women are sexy.
Big women are checked out.
Big women are picked up.
Big women are having sex.
Big women are having wild sex.
Big women are being proposed to.
Big women are married.
Big women are wanted.
Big women are needed.
Big women are loved.

Monday, May 26, 2008

What more needs to be said....

Found this joke online...couldn't help but share it with you all.

Boy asks his granny, "Have you seen my pills, they were labeled 'LSD'?"

Granny replies, "Fuck the pills, have you seen the dragon in the kitchen?!"

Friday, May 23, 2008

While the cat's away....

Well early yesterday morning I dropped Daddy off at the airport. He had an overnight business trip to attend, which left me home alone. In fact I'm still home alone until I pick Him up later tonight. This is the first time since I moved here that I've had so much time to myself. No, we don't live in each other's pockets, but yesterday it was strange knowing He wasn't coming home from work. I even saw His car in the driveway and thought "Oh He's home". Only to realise seconds later that (stupid me) I was the one who parked it there. (I can see you all shaking your heads at me).

So what does the mouse get up to while the cat's away?
You would think she'd wreak havoc and go wild perhaps? Well, sorry to disappoint, but no. I've been a good girl. (Maybe trying to avoid that tickling punishment????) After coming home from dropping Him off, I had breakfast then went back to bed for over 3hours. (Early mornings really aren't my thing). Then I fart-arsed around online for awhile before having lunch and then talking on the phone to family for a couple of hours.

Next was a uni deadline that had to be met. Nothing major, just a mini-assignment kinda thing. For the little that it's worth....we sure do put in a helluva lot of work. Anyway, got that out of the way, and decided it was time to watch a movie. Got a little into it and got bored. I didn't really feel like sitting down and concentrating too what to do? Turn on the tv and watch a re-run of Friends (what else?). Put on dinner, wait for it to cook and then eat it. Spend more time talking on the phone (this time to my aunt). Then I watch a bit of tv, check my emails again, chat to family online and decide it's time to hit the sack.

Didn't sleep in this morning....partly due to going to bed early and partly due to the joyous pain I had all day yesterday, all last night and all of today (so far). Oh the joys of being a woman and the lead up to that week we all dread. (I'm sure you're all nodding your heads, knowing all too well what I'm talking about). Went and picked up some parmesan cheese for Him to put on His Spaghetti Bolognaise that I'm cooking for dinner, popped a couple of painkillers to try and get rid of this pain and sat down at my computer and started typing this.

This afternoon I'm booked in to get a brazillian wax. (It's about fucking time!). So I'll be smooth as when He gets home. (Big smiles). Given that He's had two big days at work, I doubt He'll want to play tonight, but I still have my fingers crossed. Tomorrow we're heading back home for a surprise visit. Just staying overnight and bringing back some of my stuff that's still stored there. And then it'll be a quiet, relaxing Sunday night I think. After two big days at work and travelling over the weekend, I reckon He's going to be stuffed.

So that's what this little girl's been up to and what's happening in the next couple of days. I hope you all have a good weekend. Until next time....


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Hubby

There's a couple of things that need to be fixed on my 15year plus car. Daddy decided to ring up the dealership to see about getting them fixed. He then rung me and said that I needed to go down to them so they could get the VIN number (prior to leaving it with them on Monday).

I did this, and after the guy got what he wanted, I was then asked if I wanted them to find out how much it was going to cost and give my 'hubby' a ring. I just smiled and said yes. I gave them His contact phone number and asked what time I had to bring it in on Monday and would they give me a lift back home after I had dropped it off. He said that he would tell my 'husband' when he rang Him this and that yes they would give me a lift back.

I couldn't help but smile when I got back in the car. I can't help it...I am a woman who is madly in love with a wonderful man, and it made me happy to think of Him as my husband or hubby (as this guy put it). I'm still smiling now, and probably will be for quite a while yet.

Choice of Punishment

Daddy asked an interesting question the other night.

He asked me which would be worse (for me) out of the following two punishments.

1) A severe spanking; or
2) Being tied down to the bed, and tickled for as long as He wanted.

I immediately said "Can I lie?" with a smile on my face.

"No. It would be the tickling wouldn't it?"

I lowered my gaze, "yes".

I couldn't imagine anything worse than being tied down and tickled for an indefinite period of time, until He decided He was finished!

"I guess I'll save that then for when you've been really naughty" He said with a smile.

"But I'm always a good girl." He just smiled again as He started tickling me.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daddy and His Little Girl

Daddy requested a massage to help ease his shoulder, neck and back pain. I obliged; anything to help Him be in less pain. I tried massaging out the sore spots, while also giving an overall pleasing massage. Between the bits that hurt I received comments like “Oh, that’s nice” or “Mmm, that feels good”. This little girl obviously did a good job…the massage itself went on for quite awhile and after he turned over onto his back I was rewarded with a grin and “How about a blow job?” Well who can refuse an offer like that? I know I couldn’t.

I got down to business as quick as I could. (Eager little beaver aren’t I?). I licked and sucked Daddy, and jerked Him while sucking on the head of His cock. I love being able to bring Him to full arousal just with my mouth. Mmm, the joy of getting Him hard, feeling Him grow in my hand and mouth. Tasting Him, teasing Him, pleasing Him. He was leaking. I gobbled down His pre-cum, savouring the flavour, loving it. I looked up at one point and saw Him watching me. I felt proud. And then before long, He instructed me “Get yourself wet slut”. I was still fully clothed at this point, and was feeling a little overdressed. Needless to say the clothes came off as quick as they could.

Daddy put His cock ring on as I lay down on the bed, legs spread, hand between my legs. His cock and balls look so much better when He has his cock ring on. I smiled when my hand snaked between my legs and started working on my clit. I was dripping already. There’s nothing like being told to suck and lick His cock to get me wet and ready. I LOVE doing it! He jerked His hard cock for a little, before climbing on top of me. His cock entered me easily, and soon I was full.

I continued playing with clitty. “That’s right, play with clitty”. I didn’t need any further encouragement. “I’m not fucking you tonight am I slut?” He asked. “No, you’re using me”, came my breathly reply. “That’s right”. I just smiled, enjoying the sensation of Him using my cunt while I rubbed clitty. It had been so long since we played. Daddy hadn’t been feeling well all week, and although I had been horny, I refrained from playing, knowing this was coming. He used my cunt hard, all for His own pleasure. I was furiously rubbing away as he used me, one hand between my legs, the other holding onto the headboard, never wanting this to end. He could see my hairy pit. He jerked Himself off in my cunt, looking at my hairy underarm. And then He came. Daddy pushed His hard cock into me, filling me. I was His good little girl. (smiles).

By this point, I was hungry. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum. I was diddling clitty fast now as He gloriously sucked and licked on my nipples. Pulling them up away from my body with His mouth. Squeezing my tits hard with His hands. I was in heaven (almost). He continued while also biting my neck and shoulders (Yum!) and with each passing second I was getting closer. “Come up here” I asked, wanting to kiss Him. Those hungry kisses I need. Those hungry kisses that tell Him I’m getting close. He broke away and moved to my neck some more and then to my ears. Nibbling my ear lobes, probing them with His tongue. Alternating between left and right. He moved back down to my nipples. And as good as that felt, it was taking me away from orgasm.

I was furiously rubbing my clit, wanting to cum. “Daddy wants to hear you moan.” God I love knowing He wants to hear me cum. He continued on my nipples, licking, sucking and rubbing His teeth over my piercings. I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted Him to go back to paying attention to my ears. I wanted to feel Him nibbling and probing again. “Go back to my ears” I demanded, without a second thought. A few seconds later I added “please”. (I am a little girl with manners after all).

He moved back up, starting off with the nibbling. But before long His tongue was probing and I was being sent over the edge. I was moaning and groaning, rubbing clitty like there was no tomorrow. “Cum for me sweetie” I think He said at one stage, though I’m not too sure. It wasn’t long before I was grunting and groaning, rubbing clitty with abandon and cumming. I orgasmed long and hard, loving the sensation of his tongue in my ear. As I came back to earth I just looked at Him and smiled. “You’ve never had that reaction before.” He said. I just smiled again. What can I say when it feels that fucking wonderful?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sub/Dom Quiz Results

Vanilla or Dom/Sub II -- [GREAT NEW PIX]
created with
You scored as Submissive

You are a natural submissive, and live to please your partner. While you have a will of your own, you enjoy challenging yourself if it gives someone you care about pleasure. While you are smart and decisive, you enjoy "letting someone else drive" at times. You are a rare and beautiful creature, and will be *extremely* cherished when under the care of the right Dominant. [And if you're female < 40, you should call me! LOL]



Sycophant / Doormat






Abuser / Jackass


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daddy's girl and her needs

I need to be fucked.

I need to be taken.

I need to be used.

I need Him to hold or tie me down and use my holes as He sees fit.

I need Him to dominate me, instruct me, command me.

I am His toy, His plaything, His masturbation aid.

I am His slut, His little girl, His horny three-hole whore.

"Take me" I want to ask.

"Fuck me" I want to request.

But a good girl sub does not do such things.

A good girl waits for Her Daddy until He wants to do such things to her.

"Bend over!" I want to hear Him command. And I would obey.

"Show me your hairy pits. Let me see how hairy my sweet little girl is for her Daddy." Oh, if only He would instruct me. I want to show Him. I want Him to look. I so desperately want to see His cock stir as He looks at me.

I need to feel His hard cock in me. I have no preference of which hole; the choice is His.

Daddy's good little girl needs to please Him. Above all else, she wants to be His good slut.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Naughty Little Lucy

Lucy's been a naughty girl.

Daddy's home sick. I made Him a cup of tea and ham and cheese croissants for breakfast and then went and had a shower. I emerge and there He is lying on the recliner, breathing softly, asleep. We were going to finish watching a movie, but He was too tired. "Do you want to go back to bed?" I ask. He does. "You finish the movie, I've seen it numerous times". So what does Daddy's little girl do? She finishes watching the movie and then goes to her laptop (currently set up on the bed in the spare bedroom). She was waiting for a video on Redtube to finish loading. She snuggles in under the blanket and gets comfy. She presses play and watches as the forbidden scene plays out in front of her. A Priest fucking a woman who is part of His congregation. She doesn't care what she watches, she's just horny. Anything will do. She masturbates. She loves to masturbate. She switches between rubbing clitty and finger-fucking her cunt.

So Daddy's sick and sleeping ( poor bugger! :-( ), and all I can think about is how horny I am. I haven't played in about 4 or 5 days (had a boil in a not-so-nice place). And all I want to do is feel Daddy's nice hard cock in me. I would give anything at this point to have Him in my cunt, to feel Him cum in me. Oh how this little slut is missing having her Daddy's cock buried deep in her!

Daddy, I'm selfish. I know you are sick. But all I can think about is how much I crave to have your cock in me. I know I'm a naughty girl. I'm sorry.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


From here on in, I will most likely refer to Master as Daddy. It is what we are most comfortable with, and therefore it is what I am most comfortable typing. I have called Him Daddy for a long time now, but was unsure of how you, the readers, would interpret it (as opposed to Master). I have decided that from now on when I write and I am talking about Him, I will most likely refer to Him as Daddy.

For awhile now Daddy and I had been talking about the fact that I had never given Him a hand job. It's not something that I deliberately avoided, but I guess it just never happened. The other day that changed.

I was sitting on the floor, being Daddy's good little girl watching Him jerk His hard cock, when He gently said "Take the ring off your right hand." I knew in that instant that Daddy was about to receive His first hand job from me. If I didn't smile on the outside, I was jumping for joy on the inside. I've always been intrigued with the male anatomy...mainly stemming I guess from female curiousity. Curiousity of that which is different. Anyway, I'm getting off track here.

I lubed up my hand and held his cock. How hot it felt in my hand, how incredibly hard it felt. Just delicious! I started stroking Him, enjoying the new feeling of jerking a hard cock, of jerking Daddy's hard cock. It was so strange and wonderful. I'd watched Him so many times, and now I was doing it myself. I loved it. I absolutely loved every second of it. I sped up and slowed down when I thought it was necessary and varied the tightness of my grip. All the while alternating between stroking his shaft and paying particular attention to the head. I couldn't help but wonder how fun it would be to jerk Him off and suck and lick on His balls at the same time. My thoughts were soon interrupted with a breathly command "Faster". His good little girl did as she was told. She had Daddy cumming in no time.

I loved jerking Daddy off. I loved feeling His cock in my hand, knowing I was helping. I've been spoilt...I've been shown how enjoyable it is to stroke a man until He cums, and I've become hooked. I can't wait to do it again! I want to hold Him in my hand, stroking Him, teasing Him....making Him cum. I love making Daddy cum :-D