Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daddy and His Little Girl

Daddy requested a massage to help ease his shoulder, neck and back pain. I obliged; anything to help Him be in less pain. I tried massaging out the sore spots, while also giving an overall pleasing massage. Between the bits that hurt I received comments like “Oh, that’s nice” or “Mmm, that feels good”. This little girl obviously did a good job…the massage itself went on for quite awhile and after he turned over onto his back I was rewarded with a grin and “How about a blow job?” Well who can refuse an offer like that? I know I couldn’t.

I got down to business as quick as I could. (Eager little beaver aren’t I?). I licked and sucked Daddy, and jerked Him while sucking on the head of His cock. I love being able to bring Him to full arousal just with my mouth. Mmm, the joy of getting Him hard, feeling Him grow in my hand and mouth. Tasting Him, teasing Him, pleasing Him. He was leaking. I gobbled down His pre-cum, savouring the flavour, loving it. I looked up at one point and saw Him watching me. I felt proud. And then before long, He instructed me “Get yourself wet slut”. I was still fully clothed at this point, and was feeling a little overdressed. Needless to say the clothes came off as quick as they could.

Daddy put His cock ring on as I lay down on the bed, legs spread, hand between my legs. His cock and balls look so much better when He has his cock ring on. I smiled when my hand snaked between my legs and started working on my clit. I was dripping already. There’s nothing like being told to suck and lick His cock to get me wet and ready. I LOVE doing it! He jerked His hard cock for a little, before climbing on top of me. His cock entered me easily, and soon I was full.

I continued playing with clitty. “That’s right, play with clitty”. I didn’t need any further encouragement. “I’m not fucking you tonight am I slut?” He asked. “No, you’re using me”, came my breathly reply. “That’s right”. I just smiled, enjoying the sensation of Him using my cunt while I rubbed clitty. It had been so long since we played. Daddy hadn’t been feeling well all week, and although I had been horny, I refrained from playing, knowing this was coming. He used my cunt hard, all for His own pleasure. I was furiously rubbing away as he used me, one hand between my legs, the other holding onto the headboard, never wanting this to end. He could see my hairy pit. He jerked Himself off in my cunt, looking at my hairy underarm. And then He came. Daddy pushed His hard cock into me, filling me. I was His good little girl. (smiles).

By this point, I was hungry. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum. I was diddling clitty fast now as He gloriously sucked and licked on my nipples. Pulling them up away from my body with His mouth. Squeezing my tits hard with His hands. I was in heaven (almost). He continued while also biting my neck and shoulders (Yum!) and with each passing second I was getting closer. “Come up here” I asked, wanting to kiss Him. Those hungry kisses I need. Those hungry kisses that tell Him I’m getting close. He broke away and moved to my neck some more and then to my ears. Nibbling my ear lobes, probing them with His tongue. Alternating between left and right. He moved back down to my nipples. And as good as that felt, it was taking me away from orgasm.

I was furiously rubbing my clit, wanting to cum. “Daddy wants to hear you moan.” God I love knowing He wants to hear me cum. He continued on my nipples, licking, sucking and rubbing His teeth over my piercings. I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted Him to go back to paying attention to my ears. I wanted to feel Him nibbling and probing again. “Go back to my ears” I demanded, without a second thought. A few seconds later I added “please”. (I am a little girl with manners after all).

He moved back up, starting off with the nibbling. But before long His tongue was probing and I was being sent over the edge. I was moaning and groaning, rubbing clitty like there was no tomorrow. “Cum for me sweetie” I think He said at one stage, though I’m not too sure. It wasn’t long before I was grunting and groaning, rubbing clitty with abandon and cumming. I orgasmed long and hard, loving the sensation of his tongue in my ear. As I came back to earth I just looked at Him and smiled. “You’ve never had that reaction before.” He said. I just smiled again. What can I say when it feels that fucking wonderful?


  1. FANTASTIC Lucy. I have to say that there is nothing I love more than "R" looking down at me while I am sucking him, there is something so intimate about that. What a great post. What a very lucky daddy and little girl!!!!

  2. "Mmm, the joy of getting Him hard, feeling Him grow in my hand and mouth."

    Yes, yes, yes!! Such a great sensation, isn't it? My Master generally doesn't respond much in terms of moaning, etc., so I love feeling his cock get hard, because it let's me know that that he's enjoying me serve him.

  3. Definitely sounds like a win/win kind of day!

  4. The first orgasm after a hiatus is always the best for me. And I love a little tongue in the ear. That makes me throb. I'm glad you had a great orgasm!

  5. Increased breathing here.


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