Friday, May 30, 2008

Slutty Facial

I just finished watching a particularly hot session of Daddy masturbating! As usual, I progressed from sitting on the chair next to Him to sitting on the floor in front of Him. We were discussing the idea of us maybe having a sub of our own. (One that would be submissive to both of us, while I was still being submissive to Him). It was turning us both on as Daddy jerked faster, and I felt my cunt get wetter. I kept watching Him, waiting to see Him cum. Waiting to see Him spurt. Hoping He'll spray my face.

He stands up, and furiously continues jerking His hard cock. I know He's going to cum. (Still thinking "I hope He cums on me"). "Close your eyes" he says, slightly out of breath. As the good little girl I am, I do as I'm told. And as we know, all good little girls get rewards for being good, don't they? This one certainly did. I was rewarded by Daddy jerking His cock until He came all over my face and chest. He took one look at me and said "I should take a picture". And that's what He did. Several pictures were taken in fact.

I walked into the bathroom to start cleaning up and I admired His handiwork. I looked good with His cum splattered all over my pretty little girl face. And as I started to clean up, I got to thinking. And I thought about how I looked with cum all over my face, and I didn't think I looked like a slut. So the question I pose to you dear readers is this:

If I do something slutty, and it doesn't make me feel like a slut, am I still a slut?

I'm still deciding on this one. What do you all reckon?


  1. Absolutely NOT! I often wonder who came up with the term slut and what exactly is the definition. I love it when DF calls me his slut. I know he doesn't mean it in a hurtful way. Yesterday he called me a panty slut and I just had to smile.

    Sometimes I like doing the "slutty" things because they are a step further than what I already consider dirty. It just hightens it for me.

    And if enjoying your man's cum on your skin or watching him put it there makes you slut then you're in really good company! ;)

  2. First off thanks Naughty One for introducing me to this blog..

    now on to your question Lucy...I couldnt agree more with Naughty One...its all about how you take it. if it gives you enjoyment doing whatever it is you do/did then just keep it like that... always try to enjoy what you do...

    Great blog btw!

  3. First off: Hot fucking post

    Secondly: Hot fucking blog

    Thirdly: I agree with everyone so far. "Slut" holds the most weight only if you feel naughty being called it or your mate feels naughty calling you one.

    Are you a "slut" because he finished on your face? Not necessarily, but isn't it sexy to think of yourself as a slut, nothing more than his little whore to shoot his wasted load upon? Isn't that the reason you cum on someone's face? It's naughty and naughty = fun.

    Anyway, great blog. Thanks for the hot reads.

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  4. I think if you thin you are a slut then you are.
    I'm a slut. I like it.
    I guess it would depend on your definition of slut.
    good post.

  5. Yeah, I do think you looked like a slut with all that cum in your face *lol*....

    The real question being what you or I or we understand the word slut to mean.


  6. Your a PROUD slut. Not a thing wrong with that. I am as conservative as it comes in public with what I do (my job) I am quite proud to refer to myself as "R's" PROUD slut. He loves it as well. After all thats what I am here pleasure him and take care of him. And he does just as much in return.
    Be PROUD!!!

  7. When I read your post, my impression was that you thought you were and wanted to be a slut, and you were looking for confirmation of that. I read "slut" in this context as a good thing. Interesting that some others read it differently. I think that it just shows how that term can be very hurtful or empowering depening on the context. I think that this does make you a slut, but like Rose, you should be proud of that. It's what your Daddy wants, isn't it? :)

  8. Hey everyone.

    I can tell you that for such a long time 'slut' was such a bad word, and such a bad thing to be. I know after Daddy and I first met and we'd be playful and call each other names, one day I told Him outright:
    "There's one thing that I'll never be okay you calling me."
    "What's that?", he asked.
    "Slut" I replied.
    "We'll see" was all He said.

    And He was right. Now...I LOVE it! I don't think the term slut is a bad thing, but it depends who it is said to, in what context it is said, and whom is saying it. It can have a negative connotation, but it can also be positive.

    I just wondered what you all thought. And I guess, my point was, I am a slut. And when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn't feel that negative connotation. I was a proud slut, I AM a proud slut. You're right Rose. And yes Meta, this is what Daddy wants. And we know that a good girl always does what Her Daddy wants.



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