Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daddy's girl and her needs

I need to be fucked.

I need to be taken.

I need to be used.

I need Him to hold or tie me down and use my holes as He sees fit.

I need Him to dominate me, instruct me, command me.

I am His toy, His plaything, His masturbation aid.

I am His slut, His little girl, His horny three-hole whore.

"Take me" I want to ask.

"Fuck me" I want to request.

But a good girl sub does not do such things.

A good girl waits for Her Daddy until He wants to do such things to her.

"Bend over!" I want to hear Him command. And I would obey.

"Show me your hairy pits. Let me see how hairy my sweet little girl is for her Daddy." Oh, if only He would instruct me. I want to show Him. I want Him to look. I so desperately want to see His cock stir as He looks at me.

I need to feel His hard cock in me. I have no preference of which hole; the choice is His.

Daddy's good little girl needs to please Him. Above all else, she wants to be His good slut.


  1. Is it possible that your Daddy wants you to be just a little bit naughty and ask for what you need?!

    Gosh...what a list! I think I need a few of those things too. ;)

  2. (grins) Yeah it's possible naughty. But it's not what a good little girl should do is it? lol. In a round about way I am asking, by blogging this, cause He will read it.

    Is the list too long? I'm not really asking for all that much am I? <- she asks in her sweet, innocent, little girl voice. lol.

    Thanks for the comment. And I hope you get what you need that's on my list.


  3. I wish someone would give a list like that to me as a hint!

  4. Riff Dog,

    Glad you liked my list. Daddy hasn't read it yet...Wonder what His reaction will be??? (cheeky grin)



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