Saturday, March 29, 2008

Masturbation Time with Him

I really do love how Master and I have sex. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to masturbate. He loves to masturbate. And we love watching each other masturbate.

You know, I never would have thought that this is where we would be. For instance, when you hear people say: "If someone had told me ten years ago that this is where I would be, I would have laughed in their face"'s one of those kind of moments. So for me, it's if someone came to me six years ago and told me all about this journey I've taken into my sexual interests, my submission, my relationship and how that all began....I'm not being clichéd here, but I really would have laughed in their face. In saying that though, I love where I am/We are.

It's interesting to look back on how much we have changed, Master and I. I honestly never thought that I could willingly give up having sex the traditional way by substituting it with masturbation play times. And who would right? I mean, who ever really thinks that they're going to stop having sex the 'normal' way, or even at all?

I love our sex and I love how open we are with one another. I believe I've written in previous posts about how I was having some trouble openly masturbating for Master. Well, I'm pleased to tell you that that is no longer the case. Master says I'm still shy at times about it, but He's very pleased at how much I have loosened up about it. (That's what moving in together does!). Now Master has always been open about it, and I didn't think He could be any more open about it. But then the other night, I was sitting on the floor at the coffee table in the lounge room and he casually walks in with His pants off, and cockring in hand. He's never done this before...something simple, but it shows that even though he was comfortable, He's eased more.

I am one very lucky little girl. Master allowed me to watch Him jerk His hard cock last night. I sat on my computer chair for awhile, then decided I wanted to see up close. So to the floor it was! And I got in as close as I could, without touching or disturbing Him. Have you ever watched a man jerk so close before? I really do recommend it. Mmmm, the smell is intoxicating and the voyeur in me just loves watching so intimately. It really is the second best view of a man jerking His hard cock. The best? Hands down, watching a man jerk while licking and sucking on His balls, is the best view you will ever get! (It's even better while you're doing this, if your face does get a little in the way. I love it when He doesn't even bother telling me to move, He just keeps jerking, hitting me in the face with His fist as He jerks. God that really gets me enthusiastic!). I obviously did a good job, because before I knew it Master had just painted my face with His cum. Mmm...I'm getting more facials of late, and Master tells me there's more to come. Thank you for being thoughtful Master and aiming to avoid my eyes.

We continued surfing the net, you tubing etc until Master decided it was time to jerk some more. I watched Him as He sat beside me and masturbated, almost as if I wasn't there. I love watching His masturbation sessions.....especially the ones where I'm invisible. (It's then that the voyeur in me is unleashed).

Master informed me that I was neglecting my duties. I knew instantly that I had broken rule number one.
Rule 1: You will always masturbate your cunt while Master jerks, so as to keep yourself wet on the off chance that Master may want to use one of your holes, and you should be ready for Him.
I had been too busy watching Him, that not once had I touched myself between the legs. This was rectified immediately. I automatically removed my clothes, fetched a towel to put on the chair, and opened my legs to masturbate. This continued for awhile where I would be watching Him jerk, while He watched His newly downloaded porn movies (ironically mostly of women masturbating).

We kissed for while, and I playfully licked His lips. We stayed there, heads together, breathing each other's air until I broke the silence. "Is it time for me to suck and lick your balls yet?" I asked with a smile. "Get to it Slut." was His response. I got up and knelt down in front of Him, with my bum resting on my heels, and I got to work.

I licked and sucked on His balls with more enthusiasm than before. It's great being between His legs, urging Him to come with my tongue, but it's better the second time round! This orgasm kind of snuck up on Him. I was doing such a good job it pushed Him over the edge. And for the second wonderful time that night, my enthusiastic efforts were rewarded with a face covered in His load. This time was too strong and He wasn't aiming to miss my eyes, He wasn't aiming at all. He just came, spurt after spurt of hot cum all over my face. Oh how I love to be rewarded like that!

I continued masturbating for awhile until it was time to migrate to the bedroom. The night was finished off with me furiously pumping my sloppy cunt with my big dildo while rubbing my clit, edging closer to getting myself off. Master was very nice to me last night. I got treated to some nipple and tittie pain. Mmm...the masturbation always feels so much better when His hands are on me, and causing me so much pain which causes me so much pleasure. I was a good little girl and I orgasmed, many times over.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is Lucy worth per hour?

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I saw a link to this on Naughty Girl's Blog. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided I wanted to find out how much I could charge an hour. You should try it for yourself!


Enema Virgin No More....Part 2

On my previous post about my first enema, Naughty Girl didn't understand what I was saying about the tube enema. Above you can see the picture I've taken. This is the tube that I used to give myself the enema.

The white plastic part is inserted into the arse and the other end is submerged in water. You'll recall that I said that I didn't do it right as I was pushing air in and should have filled the tube up with water before starting. What I meant by this was the ball in the middle there. This gets filled with water, and that's when you should start.

It is then that you squeeze on this and the water automatically flows through the tube to the end that is inserted into your arse. So Naughty Girl, no there are no special muscle control movements that you need to have or need to do in being able to have an enema.

The next question...."Then when you feel full is there time to remove the tube and get to the toilet without all that water coming out?" Yes there is time, but not a lot. I removed the tube while I was still lying on my back on the bathroom floor. I lay there successfully for about 10 minutes without any of the water coming back out. In all the reading I did online, they say that you should 'hold' it for a little while for it to work more effectively, so this is what I did. Now...being that I was still lying down there wasn't much chance of gravity taking over and the water coming out, as opposed to when you stand up. I obviously had to stand up to move around and get to the I only had about 5 metres between where I was lying and the toilet and for me, that's more than enough distance to travel. Next time I think I'll actually do it closer to the toilet, just because I know what's coming now.

And don't fret about being curious and asking me questions, obviously it's not too much for me to answer. Although rest assured that if it were I would tell you. But then again, if I didn't want anyone to ask questions about something, then I wouldn't post on those topics now would I? Hope this helps!

Be good everyone (or bad whichever you prefer) ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enema Virgin No More

Well I guess the title gives away the plot for this update now doesn't it? lol. As the title implies, I have now had an enema. You may remember a previous post where I was talking about how frightening I found the whole idea of an enema..well that hadn't changed a helluva lot, just kinda shifted a little.

I decided that I wanted to try giving myself an enema first, before Master and I did it together. Why? To be completely honest, I was curious and I wanted to have some idea of what to expect when we did it together (He gave me one). And by god am I glad I did!

Now I did all the reading on the box, and quite a fair bit of reading online before I did it, so I was well prepared. I was in the bathroom, lying on a towel on the floor with my pillow beneath my head. I didn't use a bag, instead I used the tube kind and placed one end in me and the other end in a clean ice-cream container of water. I knew that I had to measure the temperature, which I did with an electronic thermometer and was quite impressed with myself when I got the right temp first go.

So I was all set up. I lay face-up on the towel, positioned myself right, inserted the one end into my arse and the other in the ice-cream container. Now I should add in here that I didn't actually do it properly. I should have had the water in the tube ready to go before inserting it in to my arse, I did not. Which meant that for awhile there I was simply pushing air in. But eventually I got it right and it was all working fine.

One thing that struck me was that I thought I would be able to feel the water as it was going in, but I couldn't. The only way that I knew that I was doing it properly was that the ball pump thing in the middle of the tube was getting heavy (filling with water) and I started to feel 'full'. I stopped when I felt like I'd had enough (and in hindsight I could have taken more had I not been inserting air when it was supposed to be water). But anyway, as I lay there I felt that cramping feeling which I knew would come. It wasn't painful, it was just uncomfortable. It was just like when you need to go to the toilet to use your bowels and sometimes you get that cramping feeling. Well an enema is like that, except a bit more forceful I guess you could say. It's a more intense type of cramping. As I said, it was uncomfortable, but not painful.

Okay, so I'll skip over the specifics. It's not exactly 'nice' the whole expelling business, but that's what happens. And ultimately that's the whole point of having an enema. All in all, after setting up, administering the enema and finishing was over within an hour. It was certainly a different experience, and one that I'm glad I did on my own for the first time. Now I know what to expect.

Master and I discussed it all yesterday afternoon when He got home. He wasn't upset that I didn't wait to do it with Him, He understood where I was coming from. Prior to yesterday I was concerned about what the whole expelling process would be like...and now that I's certainly not something that I want to have to share with anyone. I might be a slut, but I still have dignity, am still a lady and do not want someone hearing or listening to my bodily functions.
It all worked out very well. Would I go back for another? Yes. Will I do it soon? Maybe, that depends on whether He wants to use my arse or not. Will I continue to do it on a regular basis if it was my choice? Probably not. Every now and again is fine, but I'm pretty sure it won't become a ritual of mine.

Now sorry to disappoint, but there was no anal fun after He got home. Although I did direct Him to His computer to where a folder was opened which contained a helluva lot of girly pictures that I downloaded for Him yesterday. He masturbated to these. And as He did, I was His good little girl, sitting on the floor, my eyes fixated on His hand pumping His hard cock, with my legs spread diddling clitty until He came. I didn't continue playing then but left it for later after dinner.

Maybe next time I have an enema He'll want to try out His little slut's arsehole? Mmm..I can only hope ;-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It was almost 4 years ago now. I was treating myself to a well-earned break after my first term at University. And coincidentally, it was also an excuse for me to have some time with Him. At this point, we were living about 4hours apart, and seeing each other much less frequently than either of us wanted. And our relationship was not known to many people, much less my family.

I booked a motel room in my name, for the first time in my life. I wasn't in my home town, I went to a nearby beach town. I didn't have my driver's licence at the time, and my family dropped me off. And the advice I got from them?? "Don't let any strange old men into your room." It was almost too much to try and stop myself from laughing there and then. Little did they know (grins).

It wasn't long after they left, that He arrived. I was nervous. This would be the first time that we spent an extended period of time with one another (I think it was about 4 or 5 days), and only the second time that I had spent the night with Him. No, it wasn't the first time we had slept together, but being that our relationship was a secret, it was easier for me to get away for a few hours, rather than a few days.

We had an excellent time, strolling down the beach hand-in-hand, and spending so much time with one another. There's a few things that stand out when I remember our time together, but the one thing that comes to mind before all the others was this:

We were in a non-smoking room (we were and are both smokers), and so we had to go outside for a cigarette. There was a bench out the front of every room, and I think there was also a can with some kitty litter in it for our cigarette butts. There was an undercover area just in front of the rooms for our cars to be parked. On this particular day that we went out for a smoke, the sun had set, and had it not been for the fluoro lights turned on, it would have been very dark.

We were sitting on the bench and I had not finished my smoke. I was wet, I could feel the wetness between my legs. And before I knew it, we were kissing. My legs instantly started opening and I guess He took this as an invitation. Before long His hand was between my legs, with my panties pulled to one side, playing with my cunt. So here we were, sitting on the bench in front of the motel room, making out while He played with my sloppy cunt. I don't know how long we spent there like that, I didn't care. I just wanted Him to continue playing with me.

When we pulled apart from one another it was I who noticed another male guest standing between His car and the one parked beside it. As soon as I opened my eyes and came back to reality and saw him, he moved along. I have no doubt that he was standing there watching us as this older man made out and fingered the cunt of the slut he was sitting next to.

It would have been obvious to anyone that was walking by what was going on. The place was very well lit and we weren't doing much to hide what we were doing. Maybe he wasn't the only one who saw what we were doing, but he was the only one that I noticed was watching the show. Even back then I was a slut (although didn't admit it, even to myself). There I was, with my legs spread, my skirt pulled up, my panties pushed to one side, making out with a man who was clearly playing with my wet, sloppy cunt.

I enjoyed knowing he saw what was going on between us and he stopped to watch. It made my cunt more wet than it already was.

I have experienced a few instances of public exposure and play, and enjoy people watching me. I imagine that when they see me act in such ways that they instantly think of how much of a slut I am. Hmm...that gets me thinking...I wonder if it's time for some more public exposure and play (grins).

Monday, March 03, 2008

Neighbourhood Whore

What are other couples doing right now?

While I’m leaning in as close as I can get, watching Him jerk.

What are other couples doing right now?

While I feel like a dirty, depraved whore.

What are other couples doing right now?

When He’s on the computer, watching porn and I’m in the bedroom, furiously masturbating, needing to cum.

What are other couples doing right now?

When I’m pumping my cunt full of hard, plastic cock.

What are other couples doing right now?

When He’s biting my nipples and squeezing my thighs.

What are other couples doing right now?

As He paints my face and my body releases.

Is He the only man in our neighbourhood lucky enough to have a whore?

Or are there others, hiding behind closed doors?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

His wonderful gift

When I was still living at home (not with Him), we were talking on the phone one night and that's where and when the idea started.

He bought it for me, before I got here. It was already hanging on the fridge when I arrived.

Master has bought me a chore chart. You know the standard ones, it's a white board that has a table on it with the days of the week up the top and down the left hand side you write a chore and someone's name as to who should be doing it. Well, this is what you're supposed to do with it anyway. We use it differently.

We do not have a chore board, we have a whore board. The days of the week obviously stay the same, but the so called chores that should go down the side well...instead of that He has written:

This is my masturbation board. I am the masturbation whore, and this is my whore board. When He's at work all day, if I play (which I normally do), when I'm finished I have to record my session here. All He has to do is come home and check the board to see how long I've spent that day with my hands between my legs, fucking myself with big plastic cock. And I love it!

When the idea first got mentioned when we were talking on the phone, it sounded wonderful. Just the idea that I had to document my masturbation for Him. But also that it was there, out on display for anyone to see.

I've been a very good girl and haven't missed writing up a session on there yet. And to be honest, it makes my masturbation more exciting and thrilling to know that I have to report my activities. I like knowing that He can come home from a long day in the office and without having to ask me about my masturbation (if any), He can just check. Although I did joke with Him the other day about feeling pressured to 'meet my quota' and 'fill up the board', I do not feel pressured at all.

I want to please Him. And I know that coming home and checking how much time I spent masturbating and how many times I came does please Him. It almost feels to me, as if there shouldn't be any blank spots on the board. Like it really is missing something or is incomplete if some parts are blank while others are not.

He has said that at the end of each week we will tally up how much time I spent masturbating and how many times I came, which I think will be fun. I know and fully and openly admit that I prefer masturbation to sex. Sex just doesn't get me off anymore. I need long, hard, fat plastic cock in my cunt to get me off. Even though I am quite enthusiastic about self-love, I think even I will be surprised at how long each week I spend masturbating, and how many times I bring myself to orgasm in a period of seven days. Who knows, perhaps He might want me to post my weekly tallies here for you all to see just how much of a masturbation whore I am.

I love His gift. His whore board for his masturbation whore.