Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enema Virgin No More....Part 2

On my previous post about my first enema, Naughty Girl didn't understand what I was saying about the tube enema. Above you can see the picture I've taken. This is the tube that I used to give myself the enema.

The white plastic part is inserted into the arse and the other end is submerged in water. You'll recall that I said that I didn't do it right as I was pushing air in and should have filled the tube up with water before starting. What I meant by this was the ball in the middle there. This gets filled with water, and that's when you should start.

It is then that you squeeze on this and the water automatically flows through the tube to the end that is inserted into your arse. So Naughty Girl, no there are no special muscle control movements that you need to have or need to do in being able to have an enema.

The next question...."Then when you feel full is there time to remove the tube and get to the toilet without all that water coming out?" Yes there is time, but not a lot. I removed the tube while I was still lying on my back on the bathroom floor. I lay there successfully for about 10 minutes without any of the water coming back out. In all the reading I did online, they say that you should 'hold' it for a little while for it to work more effectively, so this is what I did. Now...being that I was still lying down there wasn't much chance of gravity taking over and the water coming out, as opposed to when you stand up. I obviously had to stand up to move around and get to the I only had about 5 metres between where I was lying and the toilet and for me, that's more than enough distance to travel. Next time I think I'll actually do it closer to the toilet, just because I know what's coming now.

And don't fret about being curious and asking me questions, obviously it's not too much for me to answer. Although rest assured that if it were I would tell you. But then again, if I didn't want anyone to ask questions about something, then I wouldn't post on those topics now would I? Hope this helps!

Be good everyone (or bad whichever you prefer) ;-)


  1. Thanks for settling my curiousity on all things enema! People often remind me that curiousity killed the cat. Haha

  2. Naughty Girl,
    No worries. It's all good. I figured that the best way to explain it was also to show a picture of what I used. I'm generally not that great at explaining it would have been very confusing without the pic.



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