Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Enema Virgin No More

Well I guess the title gives away the plot for this update now doesn't it? lol. As the title implies, I have now had an enema. You may remember a previous post where I was talking about how frightening I found the whole idea of an enema..well that hadn't changed a helluva lot, just kinda shifted a little.

I decided that I wanted to try giving myself an enema first, before Master and I did it together. Why? To be completely honest, I was curious and I wanted to have some idea of what to expect when we did it together (He gave me one). And by god am I glad I did!

Now I did all the reading on the box, and quite a fair bit of reading online before I did it, so I was well prepared. I was in the bathroom, lying on a towel on the floor with my pillow beneath my head. I didn't use a bag, instead I used the tube kind and placed one end in me and the other end in a clean ice-cream container of water. I knew that I had to measure the temperature, which I did with an electronic thermometer and was quite impressed with myself when I got the right temp first go.

So I was all set up. I lay face-up on the towel, positioned myself right, inserted the one end into my arse and the other in the ice-cream container. Now I should add in here that I didn't actually do it properly. I should have had the water in the tube ready to go before inserting it in to my arse, I did not. Which meant that for awhile there I was simply pushing air in. But eventually I got it right and it was all working fine.

One thing that struck me was that I thought I would be able to feel the water as it was going in, but I couldn't. The only way that I knew that I was doing it properly was that the ball pump thing in the middle of the tube was getting heavy (filling with water) and I started to feel 'full'. I stopped when I felt like I'd had enough (and in hindsight I could have taken more had I not been inserting air when it was supposed to be water). But anyway, as I lay there I felt that cramping feeling which I knew would come. It wasn't painful, it was just uncomfortable. It was just like when you need to go to the toilet to use your bowels and sometimes you get that cramping feeling. Well an enema is like that, except a bit more forceful I guess you could say. It's a more intense type of cramping. As I said, it was uncomfortable, but not painful.

Okay, so I'll skip over the specifics. It's not exactly 'nice' the whole expelling business, but that's what happens. And ultimately that's the whole point of having an enema. All in all, after setting up, administering the enema and finishing was over within an hour. It was certainly a different experience, and one that I'm glad I did on my own for the first time. Now I know what to expect.

Master and I discussed it all yesterday afternoon when He got home. He wasn't upset that I didn't wait to do it with Him, He understood where I was coming from. Prior to yesterday I was concerned about what the whole expelling process would be like...and now that I's certainly not something that I want to have to share with anyone. I might be a slut, but I still have dignity, am still a lady and do not want someone hearing or listening to my bodily functions.
It all worked out very well. Would I go back for another? Yes. Will I do it soon? Maybe, that depends on whether He wants to use my arse or not. Will I continue to do it on a regular basis if it was my choice? Probably not. Every now and again is fine, but I'm pretty sure it won't become a ritual of mine.

Now sorry to disappoint, but there was no anal fun after He got home. Although I did direct Him to His computer to where a folder was opened which contained a helluva lot of girly pictures that I downloaded for Him yesterday. He masturbated to these. And as He did, I was His good little girl, sitting on the floor, my eyes fixated on His hand pumping His hard cock, with my legs spread diddling clitty until He came. I didn't continue playing then but left it for later after dinner.

Maybe next time I have an enema He'll want to try out His little slut's arsehole? Mmm..I can only hope ;-)


  1. Okay, I'm a complete enema virgin (and I think I'm content to stay that way...) but I don't get the tube thing. How does the water get into your ass? I mean is there a pump or do you have to do some type of muscle movement to "suck" up the water? Then when you feel full is there time to remove the tube and get to the toilet without all that water coming out? I'm curious by nature but if this is too much just say so! ;s

  2. Naughty girl,

    Check out my "Enema virgin No More...Part 2" for the explanations to your questions.



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