Sunday, March 02, 2008

His wonderful gift

When I was still living at home (not with Him), we were talking on the phone one night and that's where and when the idea started.

He bought it for me, before I got here. It was already hanging on the fridge when I arrived.

Master has bought me a chore chart. You know the standard ones, it's a white board that has a table on it with the days of the week up the top and down the left hand side you write a chore and someone's name as to who should be doing it. Well, this is what you're supposed to do with it anyway. We use it differently.

We do not have a chore board, we have a whore board. The days of the week obviously stay the same, but the so called chores that should go down the side well...instead of that He has written:

This is my masturbation board. I am the masturbation whore, and this is my whore board. When He's at work all day, if I play (which I normally do), when I'm finished I have to record my session here. All He has to do is come home and check the board to see how long I've spent that day with my hands between my legs, fucking myself with big plastic cock. And I love it!

When the idea first got mentioned when we were talking on the phone, it sounded wonderful. Just the idea that I had to document my masturbation for Him. But also that it was there, out on display for anyone to see.

I've been a very good girl and haven't missed writing up a session on there yet. And to be honest, it makes my masturbation more exciting and thrilling to know that I have to report my activities. I like knowing that He can come home from a long day in the office and without having to ask me about my masturbation (if any), He can just check. Although I did joke with Him the other day about feeling pressured to 'meet my quota' and 'fill up the board', I do not feel pressured at all.

I want to please Him. And I know that coming home and checking how much time I spent masturbating and how many times I came does please Him. It almost feels to me, as if there shouldn't be any blank spots on the board. Like it really is missing something or is incomplete if some parts are blank while others are not.

He has said that at the end of each week we will tally up how much time I spent masturbating and how many times I came, which I think will be fun. I know and fully and openly admit that I prefer masturbation to sex. Sex just doesn't get me off anymore. I need long, hard, fat plastic cock in my cunt to get me off. Even though I am quite enthusiastic about self-love, I think even I will be surprised at how long each week I spend masturbating, and how many times I bring myself to orgasm in a period of seven days. Who knows, perhaps He might want me to post my weekly tallies here for you all to see just how much of a masturbation whore I am.

I love His gift. His whore board for his masturbation whore.

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