Saturday, March 29, 2008

Masturbation Time with Him

I really do love how Master and I have sex. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to masturbate. He loves to masturbate. And we love watching each other masturbate.

You know, I never would have thought that this is where we would be. For instance, when you hear people say: "If someone had told me ten years ago that this is where I would be, I would have laughed in their face"'s one of those kind of moments. So for me, it's if someone came to me six years ago and told me all about this journey I've taken into my sexual interests, my submission, my relationship and how that all began....I'm not being clichéd here, but I really would have laughed in their face. In saying that though, I love where I am/We are.

It's interesting to look back on how much we have changed, Master and I. I honestly never thought that I could willingly give up having sex the traditional way by substituting it with masturbation play times. And who would right? I mean, who ever really thinks that they're going to stop having sex the 'normal' way, or even at all?

I love our sex and I love how open we are with one another. I believe I've written in previous posts about how I was having some trouble openly masturbating for Master. Well, I'm pleased to tell you that that is no longer the case. Master says I'm still shy at times about it, but He's very pleased at how much I have loosened up about it. (That's what moving in together does!). Now Master has always been open about it, and I didn't think He could be any more open about it. But then the other night, I was sitting on the floor at the coffee table in the lounge room and he casually walks in with His pants off, and cockring in hand. He's never done this before...something simple, but it shows that even though he was comfortable, He's eased more.

I am one very lucky little girl. Master allowed me to watch Him jerk His hard cock last night. I sat on my computer chair for awhile, then decided I wanted to see up close. So to the floor it was! And I got in as close as I could, without touching or disturbing Him. Have you ever watched a man jerk so close before? I really do recommend it. Mmmm, the smell is intoxicating and the voyeur in me just loves watching so intimately. It really is the second best view of a man jerking His hard cock. The best? Hands down, watching a man jerk while licking and sucking on His balls, is the best view you will ever get! (It's even better while you're doing this, if your face does get a little in the way. I love it when He doesn't even bother telling me to move, He just keeps jerking, hitting me in the face with His fist as He jerks. God that really gets me enthusiastic!). I obviously did a good job, because before I knew it Master had just painted my face with His cum. Mmm...I'm getting more facials of late, and Master tells me there's more to come. Thank you for being thoughtful Master and aiming to avoid my eyes.

We continued surfing the net, you tubing etc until Master decided it was time to jerk some more. I watched Him as He sat beside me and masturbated, almost as if I wasn't there. I love watching His masturbation sessions.....especially the ones where I'm invisible. (It's then that the voyeur in me is unleashed).

Master informed me that I was neglecting my duties. I knew instantly that I had broken rule number one.
Rule 1: You will always masturbate your cunt while Master jerks, so as to keep yourself wet on the off chance that Master may want to use one of your holes, and you should be ready for Him.
I had been too busy watching Him, that not once had I touched myself between the legs. This was rectified immediately. I automatically removed my clothes, fetched a towel to put on the chair, and opened my legs to masturbate. This continued for awhile where I would be watching Him jerk, while He watched His newly downloaded porn movies (ironically mostly of women masturbating).

We kissed for while, and I playfully licked His lips. We stayed there, heads together, breathing each other's air until I broke the silence. "Is it time for me to suck and lick your balls yet?" I asked with a smile. "Get to it Slut." was His response. I got up and knelt down in front of Him, with my bum resting on my heels, and I got to work.

I licked and sucked on His balls with more enthusiasm than before. It's great being between His legs, urging Him to come with my tongue, but it's better the second time round! This orgasm kind of snuck up on Him. I was doing such a good job it pushed Him over the edge. And for the second wonderful time that night, my enthusiastic efforts were rewarded with a face covered in His load. This time was too strong and He wasn't aiming to miss my eyes, He wasn't aiming at all. He just came, spurt after spurt of hot cum all over my face. Oh how I love to be rewarded like that!

I continued masturbating for awhile until it was time to migrate to the bedroom. The night was finished off with me furiously pumping my sloppy cunt with my big dildo while rubbing my clit, edging closer to getting myself off. Master was very nice to me last night. I got treated to some nipple and tittie pain. Mmm...the masturbation always feels so much better when His hands are on me, and causing me so much pain which causes me so much pleasure. I was a good little girl and I orgasmed, many times over.


  1. Mutual masturbation is such a fun pleasure. I actually learn some new things he touches, where, etc. Of course I have this voyer thing going on too. All in all, it is wonderful!

    Glad you guys are fully embracing it!

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  3. Lucy what a great post. I have always said that watching a man masturbate is almost second to none. I have watched "R" only once but as I told him, I love it. and the facials.....oh about soft silky skin for days. "R" laughs at me because sometimes I pull him from my mouth as I am swallowing and let the rest slide over my face. I LOVE it. YUM!!!!

  4. Naughty Girl,
    Thanks for the comment. And I obviously agree that mutual masturbation is such pleasure. lol. Isn't the voyeur thing so much fun?

    Thank you for commenting. There's just something about watching something so personal (and ultimately so different to how we do it) that makes it what it is. Although the voyeur in me loves it, it's more than that. Don't you think? I'm mesmerised watching Him. I swear that sometimes it almost feels as if the house could catch on fire and I wouldn't even know. And as for you pulling out and making R spray your face....cheeky, cheeky, cheeky Miss Rose! (smiles)


  5. There's a part in me thinking he's just waiting for you to get ready for something very special. You seem like a perfect sexual play toy. He must feel very lucky :).


  6. Hi lucy,
    i LOVE to masterbate...there i said it but i am limited to how often i am allowed to do it :-( . Master says that if i do it without his permission it's like i cheated on Him. The first time i heard Him say that i was like "WHAT" but after i thought about it for awhile i could completely understand where He was coming from. So i TRY very hard to be a good bootsie and not cheat on Master beside He ALWAYS seems to know when i do it. Learning that lesson was a hard lesson for me to learn but a lesson well learned and a good time had by Master.
    Take care, sweet masterbation to you and Yours
    s bootsie


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