Friday, May 14, 2010

I want....

I want passion

I want lust

I want your eyes to linger when you look at me

I want your heart to beat faster as you think of me

I want to give you butterflies as your thoughts jumble and your legs give way beneath you

I want you to be distracted by the thought of me, at the most inappropriate of times

I want you to imagine and fantacise about all the things you want to do to me

I want you to want me

Monday, May 03, 2010

Questions Questions Questions

These questions were asked of me by Thursday's Child some time ago, and now I'm finally answering them :-)

What sorts of new experiences are you wanting to try over the next year that you've never tried before?

I’ll be honest; this is the most difficult question to answer. I’m not someone who specifically sets out certain things or experiences I want to do, at least not in the short term. So my best answer for this comes in two parts: a) reaching my goal weight and experiencing what that feels like; and b) getting my clit hood pierced. Both of these I’m planning on having done/completed by the end of this year. It’s been over two and a half years since I’ve had anything pierced (my nipples) and I’m getting that need/itch again, so I’ve decided that this year it is :-) I would like to also get my inner labia pierced at some point, and have been contemplating that for this year as well, but we’ll see.

What are five achievements that you are especially proud of?

Graduating from High school

Being accepted into University

Changing my life to improve my health, and losing the weight that I have (and I’ll be even more proud when I reach my goal weight)

Caring for a very close relative of mine when they were terminally ill. Although not an achievement as such, it’s an experience that has forever changed the person I am and I’m proud to have done what I did.

And because I’ve spent enough time between when I was asked these questions to actually posting the answers, and I can’t think of a fifth, I’m going to leave it at four.

What do you wear to bed? Is it different from what you actually sleep in?

After I shower I feel relaxed and like to keep it that way. I’ll answer this in two parts: summer and winter.

During the warmer months, I wear as little as possible. Most likely it’s a t-shirt or singlet, generally without anything underneath. As for the bottom half, it depends a lot on what mood I’m in. Sometimes it’s just knickers, while other nights it’s either shorts or a skirt (more often than not, it’s without knickers). As for what I sleep in: knickers only. I’ve grown accustomed to sleeping topless and on the rare occasions that I don’t, I’ll most likely be wearing a hugging singlet because I don’t like too much movement with my clothes as I move a lot while sleeping.

During the cooler months I wear what keeps me warm, which is generally my flannel pj’s without anything underneath. I’m not a big fan of having my feet covered, so unless I really have to I don’t put socks or slippers on. As for what I actually sleep in, it’s not all that different from when it’s warmer. With standard blankets and an electric blanket as another option, I’ll always opt for purely just my knickers, or nothing. On very, very rare occasions I’ll wear socks to bed. However, I can pretty much guarantee that by morning they won’t be on my feet.

Where are five places in the world that you want to visit before you die?

Egypt: I would love to see the pyramids up close and not just on TV.

USA: And if I make it there, I must go to Dolly Parton’s Theme Park.

Europe: in winter to see the beautiful countryside and snow.

Ireland: some of my ancestors were from here.

England: specifically London.

What was the last really bad movie you saw?

This was an easy question to answer, if not the easiest. District 9. We hired it on DVD and I left Him to watch it by Himself. Very rarely will I start watching a movie and refuse to continue to the end. Even if I’m not particularly enjoying it, I’m generally curious enough to watch just to see how everything all plays out. With this one though, I just couldn’t. I wasn’t curious enough (and didn’t care) because it didn’t spark my interest. Surprisingly though, it was a movie that I was looking forward to seeing. I thought I would like it, but just didn’t.

Even though this isn’t part of the question, I thought I would share some of the movies that I’ve seen recently that I really enjoyed: The Lovely Bones, Hot Tub Time Machine, Kiss Ass, and Charlie & Boots (these aren't in best to worst order, just random).