Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lucy's New Toy

After going out shopping for a new watch, we went to the local adult store. Daddy was kind enough to purchase me a new vibrator as my favourite one can now really only be used as a dildo (that's alright though). After being treated to a facial, I decided it was time to try my new toy. He was quite a bit thicker than I'm used to (part of the appeal, but he didn't seem that big in the shop) and a bit shorter. And he was much, much harder. It is uncomfortable if the angle isn't right, because of how inflexible he is. I will use him again, although he won't be a regular.

So after bringing myself to orgasm on my new toy, I hopped in and had a nice hot shower. We had dinner, watched some tv and then Daddy started playing games on the computer. I was in the mood again, so I grabbed my trusted friend, and took place on the bed, on my back, legs spread, rubbing clitty and pumping my wet cunt full of long, hard, plastic cock.

Daddy came to check on me, thinking I was sleeping. The sight He received when He walked in was very different to what He expected. (grins). "You're horny today" He said. I just smiled and continued. He joined me on the bed as He started nibbling at my neck and ear. Quickly the nibbles turned harder, more forceful. And soon He was biting my neck and ear, driving me wild. "Cum for me" was all He had to say and I was His. I used my trusted friend like there was no tomorrow, and in that moment, there was no tomorrow.

As soon as I came back to the land of living (lol), Daddy said "Shit. I bet I've marked you, and we have dinner tomorrow night". I just smiled and replied "I know. I thought of it at the time, but then thought meh...what the fuck".

Looks like this little girl and Her Daddy have to go and buy some foundation tomorrow.


  1. I can only imagine what a great site that would have been!

  2. Marks are great!

    I like getting them and then the thrill of keeping them unnoticed.

  3. foundation is good but get a coverage stick as well to put on under the foundation. I speak from experience. Marks can be a very erotic sign of least they are for me.

  4. I ended up getting concealer. I had a chat to the beauty consultant in the chemist and she said that it would work the best. I ended up wearing my hair down so that it was somewhat covered. And I got a few very nice compliments about how I looked too. (Compliments are always good aren't they girls??)

    Thanks for the comments everyone.



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