Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Well I'm now a year older. In the past few days I turned 22. Isn't it funny how we say I'm a year older? When in fact we're only a day older than we were the day before our birthday (Stupid I had a relaxing day, starting with waking up next to Him (always good, but better on your birthday). I had asked Daddy the night before if He would make breakfast for me (nothing too difficult, just toast). And then I woke up and didn't really feel too well. So He didn't make me breakfast, but that's ok. Instead He made dinner for me, and that was yummy!

Through the day I was home alone. Got a few phone calls and texts from family and friends, but mostly just chilled out. I got a new cookbook as one of my presents, plus other kitchen stuff (you definitely know you've moved out of home when your birthday presents are now related to the kitchen So I figured, "It's my birthday. I have a new cookbook. Let's bake a cake." And by let's bake a cake I mean me dancing to the music on my laptop. So that's what I did. I baked a chocolate cake (what you didn't think I was going to have anything other than chocolate did you? Self-confessed choc-a-holic here.)

Then, while the cake was cooling down I read quite a bit of the latest novel that's taken my fancy. Then it was time to ice the cake. I was debating whether whip up some cream to put on it, but decided that I wanted to ice it instead. So just after I'd finished that and sat down to do some more reading, Daddy comes home from work. And guess what He had bought for me? Yep, you guessed it....a lovely chocolate mud cake with cream on top.

I didn't bake my own cake because I assumed that He wouldn't buy me one. To be honest, it didn't even enter my mind whether He would or not. It was just a "I've got a new cookbook and it's my birthday. I'm going to bake myself a cake." And that's all there was to it. I believe I hurt His feelings by making one myself; that was not my intention. And as I told Him after He'd had a sleep, regardless of whether the cake I made was a birthday cake or just a cake, I enjoyed spending that time baking. So which was the better out of the two? The one Daddy brought home. Mine could have done with a bit more milk, but it was still nice. In fact, Daddy's cake is now all gone, while the one I made has hardly been touched. (No, I'm not a bad cook). It will get eaten. I guess you could say I got to have my cake, and eat it too :-D

Following dinner and watching some tv, it was time to get dirty. Sitting on my recliner, Daddy came over and I was lucky enough to show Him just how much I appreciated His nice, hard, cock. I sucked and licked His hard cock, taking Him deeper than I have before. And I would have spent longer if Daddy hadn't suggested we move to the bedroom. (I really wanted to try and deep throat Him...oh well, there's always another time.) After some playtime, I was treated to watching Daddy jerk as He came. (smiles)

Now it was my turn to play. I pulled out my big dildo/vibrator (only the vibe part doesn't work now, so it's really only a dildo), lay down on my back next to Him and started masturbating. Daddy helped by running His hands over my body, forcefully grabbing the inside of my thighs (which I LOVE), playing with my nipples (both gentle and hard), and kissing me. I love to kiss Him while I'm masturbating. Because I had spent quite a fair amount of time jerking Daddy earlier, my arm was sore. So every time I got close, my arm cramped up (Bloody uncooperative body parts!!). I pushed on through the pain and pumped my cunt for all I was worth. (Now it was a matter of principle as well). I looked at Daddy*, smiled and had my birthday orgasm (followed by a few more). He lightly touched my cheek with His hand and whispered: "You're so beautiful." My heart melted.


*I used to hate looking Daddy in the eye as I had an orgasm. For some reason, there was just something about it. Like it was too personal or something. I don't know. I can't really explain it, I just didn't feel totally comfortable with it. Of late though, it's a different story. Now I'm absolutely loving it. I love looking deep into His eyes while I moan and wiggle. And I want to do it again.


  1. First off, happy birthday!

    I love eye contact during anything sexual. It does make things more personal, which I really like.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes Riff. And hey don't get me wrong, it's not like I never look at Him, it was just that I didn't like looking Him in the eye while I was having an orgasm. Anyway, I like it now, so it's all good.

  3. It looks like we're BOTH addicted to sex AND chocolate! Sweet. Happy birthday! :)

  4. Meta,
    Thanks for dropping by and wishing me a happy birthday. Daddy would disagree with you...He would say I'd addicted to plastic cock and We're both chocoholics, so while I'm trying to be well behaved and improve my health (by losing weight), there's generally chocolate in the house. Very rarely do we not have any, in some form or another.

    I've been well behaved though..many times I've done the grocery shopping and easily walked by the chips or chocolate or soft drink sections without even thinking about buying them (that's will power I tell ya). Or I'll buy Him the chocolate He loves and won't buy any for me (His is ok, but I prefer others). Don't get me wrong though, I do indulge.

    Anyway, study beckons.


  5. happy birthday, lucy!


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