Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Choice of Punishment

Daddy asked an interesting question the other night.

He asked me which would be worse (for me) out of the following two punishments.

1) A severe spanking; or
2) Being tied down to the bed, and tickled for as long as He wanted.

I immediately said "Can I lie?" with a smile on my face.

"No. It would be the tickling wouldn't it?"

I lowered my gaze, "yes".

I couldn't imagine anything worse than being tied down and tickled for an indefinite period of time, until He decided He was finished!

"I guess I'll save that then for when you've been really naughty" He said with a smile.

"But I'm always a good girl." He just smiled again as He started tickling me.


  1. Oh my...sounds like Daddy has a plan already in the works. I'm ticklish, but in weird places so my lover would have to find them. I'm guessing that your Daddy already knows all your ticklish spots.

    Have fun! Endure! Don't pee!

  2. I am so ticklish it's un-fucking-believable! He found a couple of new spots the night we had the conversation, but other than those, I'm pretty sure He knows them all (bugger!).

    Tickling me is a favourite past time for Him. He absolutely loves it.

    I'm thinking I'll just have to be an extra good girl, just so I don't get this punishment. And trust me, it's a punishment that I don't want. As opposed to those punishments that you do want.


  3. Thank goodness "R" has not considered that Lucy, if someone held me down or tied me down and then tickled me to oblivion. I'd pee all over them. Not pretty. LOL...

  4. Oh fuck Rose, you make me laugh!! I have got the biggest smile on my face right now. "Not pretty..." lol. Thanks for the comment...better make sure R doesn't read this post of mine then.


  5. Those are 2 good options. As much as I'd want you to stay out of trouble, I can't say that I don't look forward to reading about that if he ever goes through with it! :P

  6. *shudder* Just thinking about that makes my skin crawl! I'd much rather be spanked - tickling is a very, very hard limit for me. In fact, I was talking about this with my lil sister - she also hates being tickled and sometimes it'll trigger nasty flashbacks for her. Not something I could ever do - but to each his/her own!

  7. Meta,
    I can understand what you mean. I'll be doing my damnedest to stop it from happening by being a good little girl. But if it happens, I'll be sure to post about it here.

    There's a big difference between playful tickling and serious tickling. Daddy knows when I'm serious about Him stopping. And when it gets to that point, He does stop. I guess the point has to be made that I could say no if I really and truly didn't want it. I honestly don't know how I would handle it...although I would try. In doing it, Daddy would certainly be pushing my limits (which can be a good thing).


  8. I'm super ticklish myself so I don't know if I could take that as a torture.


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