Friday, January 11, 2008

Bath time

I’ve always enjoyed shower time from as early as I can remember. There’s just something so relaxing about the water washing over me. For just those few moments in time, it’s almost as if all the troubles of the day drain down the plug hole. To be completely honest, I’m too self-indulgent and spend too much time in the shower. I know I should be more water wise, but surely we’re all allowed to be a little selfish now and then aren’t we?

I think it’s safe to say that I enjoy shower time more than most people. I remember being on a camp when I was in primary school, I think I was about 12, and we had a 3 minute time limit on showers. As soon as I heard this, my immediate thought was “that can’t be right. How can anyone get clean let alone enjoy their shower in such a short amount of time?” Needless to say, I tried to adhere to the time limit, but did go over, but not by much because we were being timed. Another example of how much I enjoy my showers was also when I was about 5 years old and I flat out refused to hop out of the shower because I liked it so much. My mum tried to coax me out, and so did my grandmother, but both of them failed. Then my grandmother went and talked to my grandfather. When she came back in, he was with her and I can distinctly being able to see him through the glass doors, and hearing her tell me that he had a glass of ice cold water that he would use if I refused to get out. That did it for me. Although I didn’t want to get out, it was a better option than being drenched in ice cold water. Another time at home I was enjoying the feeling of the water trickling all over my body, I actually fell asleep.

Now what does my enjoyment of shower time have to do with anything? I do have a point, trust me.

Now, although I’ve always loved having a shower, I also love having a bath. Relaxing in a tub full of water (and preferably bubbles), closing my eyes and just enjoying the sensation, just feels so good. I’ve never had the luxury of being able to have a bath too often over the years, which is why when I get the chance, I milk it for all its worth.

Spending over 3 weeks with Him was wonderful, in so many ways, but a special bonus was that the house he’s in has a bath tub (heaven!), although it could be bigger. I couldn’t wait to have a bath, and although He had some bath stuff there that I’ve used before, it’s not real bubbly and I wanted to go all out and have a true bubble bath. So first chance I got when I went shopping that’s what I bought. The brightest bottle of kid’s bubble bath I could find! He just shook His head at me when I showed Him, but when you haven’t been able to enjoy too many bubble baths growing up, you compensate later, and well that’s what I did anyway.

So one night, I figure I’ll draw the bath and have some fun with my bubbles. Truth be told, I could have had more bubbles (and another time I did), but this time I just settled for a moderate amount. I eased into the bath, and was lying on my back, with my head resting on the end. Now the tub isn’t that big, so in this position most of the top half of my body was exposed. It might sound silly, but I felt quite naked, so I covered what wasn’t underwater in heaps of bubbles. To me, I felt quite sexy. Here I was lying in a bath full of bubbles, with the half my body that was out of the water selectively covered in bubbles.

It was at this point that I wanted Him to come and join me in the bathroom. Although I wouldn’t have complained if He had have hopped in with me, that’s not what I wanted. I wanted Him to come and take pictures of me, feeling sexy, covered in bubbles. I’m His little girl, and I wanted Him to be able to look back in years to come and smile at the photos of me enjoying myself, surrounded and covered by bubbles. And I wanted Him to enjoy taking pictures of His little girl, splashing about, having fun at bath time.

I should have just told Him that this is what I wanted, but I didn’t. I really did feel like His little girl at that moment. I was afraid He would think I was being silly, wanting Him to take pictures of me in the bath, so I didn’t tell Him what I wanted, I didn’t ask, and the pictures never got taken. Quite a few times I almost called out to the other room where He was and asked Him, but then I thought again that He would think I was being silly so I didn’t.

In the following days between my first bubble bath and the next one, I often thought I should just ask Him, but I never did. Even when I was having the next bubble bath (with heaps more bubbles) I wanted so desperately to be His little girl and have Him take pictures of me having fun in the bath, but He never did because I never asked.

I was not to know if He would have thought I was silly for wanting this, but that feeling was too strong, and that’s why I never asked. Who knows…maybe He would have enjoyed taking pictures of me, just as much as I would have had fun playing while He took the pictures.

I just wanted to be His little girl, enjoying her bath.

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