Friday, January 25, 2008

Last Night

Last night I was sitting at home, watching tv and waiting for the time to pass until it was time to speak with Him. What a surprise it was, just at that moment that I received a text message from Him. Even more surprising was the content. He was unwell last year and His immune system hasn't fully been restored back to normal because of this. As a result of this and other things, we haven't been playing as much as we'd both like to. (No, nothing is wrong between us, it's just unfortunate circumstances). Anyway, back to the message I received.

It was just over an hour until we were due to talk and the message simply said: "Have your toys ready later slut". *Sigh* Talk about butterflies. I love it when He commands something of me, but especially when it is by a text message. Although we're apart (not for much longer), I love that He sends me a text and I am immediately comforted, knowing He's thinking of me. And even more so, knowing that having my toys ready meant that He was going to let me masturbate later.

For the next hour or so, all I could manage to think about was Him and what was to come. If you're read previous posts of mine, such as this one, then you know that our sex life is different to most people's. We do not have sex in the traditional sense any more, instead we masturbate while watching one another and helping out when it's wanted/required. Now, as much as I love to masturbate (and I do!), the anticipation that leads up to masturbating is something I really enjoy as well. If I know that I will be masturbating later or at a particular, my arousal is heightened.

Take for instance last night...normally I have my arse full with what I think most people would call a large butt plug, but what I would refer to as medium. As well as this, I have my cunt full with a generous (read: long, thick) vibrator. I didn't even get close to even wanting anything in my cunt (and sometimes this happens), and last night was one of those nights.

Although I did lube up my butt plug in my cunt, it didn't stay there for long until I asked Him for permission to fill my arse. From here on in, I was fucking my arse and playing with my clit, and I didn't feel like I was missing anything from my cunt. Last night was just one of those nights where my enjoyment for having my arse stimulated was higher than my desire to have my cunt fucked. Most likely due to the fact that it's been awhile since a masturbation of mine has been all about my arse.

Needless to say, the difference in masturbation did the trick and it took all of my strength to hold off until He was pleased and gave me permission to orgasm. And it was all topped off by Him commanding me to orgasm. Mmm, happy times.


  1. Hi Lucy, I discovered your blog only recently, and I can only marvel at your refreshing attitude towards autoeroticism. Very few things are sweeter than the sight of a submissive girl being willed to self-stimulate to climax by her owner for his own pleasure, or for the appreciation of his chosen audience. This can be only surpassed in beauty by the intennsity of the total power transfer where the submissive climaxes on command, without the crutch of any physical stimulation, under the sole and absolute control of her owner's voice.

  2. Aloysius,
    Thank you so much for your comment. I have always enjoyed masturbating, even when I was a very young child.
    Although it's only been the encouragement and support from my current partner and Master that I have come to really be totally comfortable with it.

    Masturbation is such a personal experience and as I've always lived at home with family, it's always been something that needs to be hidden. You certainly want to be secretive about your 'me' time so that they don't know what you're doing and when you're doing it. And that's not because my family is a bunch of prudes, it's just because it's a personal thing and some things you just don't share with certain people.

    When I first started writing about my masturbation (both alone and with Him), I wondered how people reading my blog would take it. My partner is the only person I've met who I know (or who has been that honest with me) that prefers masturbating to sex as such. (Apart from one friend who I think was joking at the time when she admitted to it, but then maybe not).

    It's not commonplace for someone to come out and openly admit that their preference is towards masturbation rather than the traditional sex. Which is interesting in the world we live in, given how accepted fetishes are in today's society.

    To us (Him and I), this is our sex and our intimate moments. We don't hide them or feel that we need to hide them from one another. And this is something I've been working on and am getting better at.

    Masturbating for one another is how we have sex, and to us, we're being more honest and daring with each other than other couples. Why? Masturbation is a personal experience, and we love and trust one another enough that we want the other to watch and to do the same while watching. I trust Him enough to know that He enjoys watching me, not because He's a voyeur, but because He loves me and wants me to feel pleasure. And the same goes for me.

    Thanks again for your comment. Much appreciated.


  3. Thank you Lucy once more for your forthrightness, I have always encouraged my slaves to self stimulate, as a means of expressing their nature, and to foster their personal growth by concentrating and meditating on the center of their being.


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