Sunday, May 20, 2007

My cunt is no longer useful....

He used my cunt for the last time tonight. He's been telling me for quite some time that He's going to be switching to my arse when He wants to use me, but until tonight, I had my doubts (a little).

The only cock that will fill my cunt from now on will be made of plastic. As of this moment on, the majority of our sex life will consist of us watching each other masturbate. The only time that this will not happen is when He decides to use my arse to get Himself off. Even in this case, it is not His job to ensure I have an orgasm. That is mine. So when He decides that He will use my arse as His masturbation aid, unless I enjoy it and have been given permission to cum, it will be my job (after He's done) to masturbate myself to an orgasm (or many, depending on what He allows). Of course, while I'm doing this He will only watch me if He desires.

As well as the fact that my cunt will now only be filled with plastic cock, I have been instructed that I am to masturbate openly in front of my Master, whenever I get the urge.

I am having a little difficulty in doing this, purely because I'm not used to living with someone and being able to masturbate whenever or wherever I want. Not only that, but because of that, I'm rather shy. Don't get me wrong, I love having Him watch me masturbate. But it's the fact that I can now sit on the lounge, watching a dvd and masturbate while I'm doing so (or while doing some other activity). It's all new to me, but He insists, so I shall obey.

Truth be's embarrassing for me to just start masturbating in front of someone (not to mention the fact that under normal circumstances it would be considered extremely rude and distasteful). Maybe this is another reason why He wants me to do this. Other than the fact that He loves watching me and loves me to watch Him. I am trying to be obedient, but it's hard to break 21year old habits.

I'm looking forward to our sex life from now on, only having Him fuck my holes under certain conditions. I am really looking forward to it. And if you had have said to me 5years ago that I would one day love to have a man who is my Master and would watch me masturbate, while getting as close as possible, ensuring that not only could He see how wet I was, He would be able to smell how wet I was...well I would not have believed you.

I'm ever so grateful that my Master knows me as well as He does...He has been so spot on re: knowing what my needs are and fulfilling them for me. But I know that without Him, I couldn't survive sexually, because it is very doubtful that a man would fulfill my needs as successfully as He does. I need to watch someone masturbate, and I need someone to watch me while I masturbate. Oh god, how I need that.

Thank you Master.
I love you.


  1. umm, this whole idea is actually really hot to me. i have often fantasized about "not being good enough" for real cock, and only getting fake (plastic) ones until i get better. it doesn't sound like that is exactly what you two are going at, but it's related.

    i look forward to reading more about how this develops between you two. lucky lucy!

  2. Lg,
    Thanks for the comment. Very, very rarely does our sex include anything other than masturbating for one another. It just turns us on both so much, and we're so grateful that we've found one another.

    I mean, what's the likelihood that you're going to meet someone, who you click with, and who loves masturbating just as much as you do, to the point that sex just can't compare? Pretty unlikely, which is why we're both so lucky.

    Master has been asking me the past few days if I ever thought I'd find someone who would let me masturbate as often as He does? And also let me watch them masturbate? And the honest answer to the question....hell no! It's not something I ever expected to happen, but I'm sure glad that it has.



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