Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Leading me down a different path....

Monday night, after my shower, I got dressed without any underwear. Partly because the comfy ones were downstairs in the cold night air on the washing line, and partly because I wanted to feel the smooth material against my arse and cunt.

This pleased my Master. We spent close to and hour and a half on the phone to one another, while we both masturbated listening to one another.

Last night, an hour before my Master and I spoke on the phone, I was instructed to remove my panties at once and to think aout the fact that later I would be masturbating while he listened and did the same. I was also instructed to tease myself until we spoke.

Last night's session was different to ususal, with Him leading me down a different path to somewhere I'd never been. It was more sensual, and more enjoyable. He asked me whether I had thought of my masturbation as making love to myself, I had not. So instead of me just masturbating last night, I made love to myself while we were on the phone together.

As I said, it was more sensual and more enjoyable than normal, and it actually felt less naughty. I'm all for naughtiness, but it was a nice spin on the usual. As a result of changing how I thought about masturbation, I enjoyed myself more. When masturbating, normally I would have one or two orgasm's. While making love to myself, I had 4 orgasm's. It felt more real and less as a substitute for sex, than I ever thought possible.

He is constantly challenging me and getting me to think about things in a different way. I'm ever so glad we tried to do things differently last night. It was extremely enjoyable. Thank you Master.

Lucy xoxox


  1. lucy,
    I like how your masturbation took a different tone, a more sensual tone, after your dominant ordered that you think of it this way. I can never get enough out of those situations where the submissive opens herself to her dominant, and finding whatever form that openness takes is still enormously erotic. How would you usually masturbate?

  2. I do not usually think of it as if I am making love to myself. It took me down a different path, and I was pleased with the result. I wouldn't necessarily say that this is how I would prefer my masturbatiion sessions, but then again, it's not my choice, it's His. Thank you for the comment.


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