Friday, April 27, 2007

Thursday 26th April

Not long before my Master came home from work, I had started masturbating. I received a text message asking me how things were with me and that He was leaving work early. I replied that I had not long started masturbating, and would He like to join me online. I spent (in total) about and hour and a half masturbating. Most of that was spent on a vdeo call with Him both watching and listening to me. I also watched and listened to Him. Again, like last time, I didn't use my butt plug or fill my arse with anything, I just used my large vibrator and my fingers.

He loves to watch me masturbate, and loves to hear me cum. I love Him listening and watching me. The orgasm's are so much more intense knowing that He can see and hear it all! It's even better when we're together in person. He likes to get real close when I masturbate. He has his head right next to my cunt, watching me fuck myself, listening to me fuck myself, but more importantly.....being able to smell me (which He can't do on cam). It's definitely one hell of a turn on for me!!!

I had better stop, otherwise I'm going to want to masturbate again.


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