Friday, April 20, 2007

Recent Update

I masturbated yesterday for over two hours while my Master was out of the house. I was caught red-handed when I didn't hear Him come home and He walked in on me, sitting at the computer with my hands between my legs, reading nasty stories.

I was quite surprised that I didn't hear Him come home, and was shy and embarrassed about being caught. I continued reading but stopped maastubating for a little while, until I was told to continue.

I kept masturbating as He sat down beside me and started doing the same while watching me. I love to watch Him, knowing that I've played a part in getting Him that hard, that quick. I stopped reading the stories and focussed on what He was doing. Just watching Him got me so much more wet!!

He brought in some toys and made me fill my arse with my big butt plug. We proceeded to masturbate for some more time (which brought me close to 3hours in total). We then took the action into the bedroom where He used my cunt to get himself off. Then masturbated me to multiple orgasms.

I love my Master and will do anything to fulfill His needs, wants and desires.

Lucy xox

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