Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Latest Update

Of late, I know I have been very poor in my task of updating my blog as He has instructed me to do so. I aim to rectify this, and to please Him. I do not deliberately disobey Him. So here is my latest update, proving to you all, just how much of a slut I truly am.

Two days ago (Tuesday 24th April), I couldn't help myself and I masturbated for just under half an hour and came twice. I did not fill my arse with anything, and only used my hands and my latest toy - one rather thick and rather long vibrating cock. I masturbated while reading erotic, but taboo stories.



  1. Hmmmmm...... Does that mean you are going to get into trouble for not filling your arse?

  2. I probably should have fiilled my arse yes, but I believe He will be a bit more lenient on me this time.

    I've not long come back from seeing Him, and as you do when you're on holidays, you always leave something behind. This for me, was my little butt plug. So now, all I have to fill my arse is my large butt plug. Obviously this is pleasing for Him, as next time we visit one another, my arse will be well and truly stretched and ready for Him to use it as He so desires.

    I am not complaining about all this, just stating facts. And I thought it best to tell you all. Afterall, I'm sure I'll be posting something about this at a later date.


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