Monday, June 29, 2009

Naughty Lucy's Cravings

For over two months now, all I've had are chicken cravings. Any time I can have chicken, I do. But I haven't only been craving for poultry though.

My latest sexual cravings are:
  • loving, romantic sex, where we both cum at the same time.
  • to be spanked. I want to be vulnerable, with my arse up in the air, awaiting each blow, waiting for the heat and the pain.
  • to start wearing my collar again. With my collar secured around my neck, I know my place. My mindset changes and I know who I am and what I must do. I miss being His slut.
  • to have all three of my holes filled. I've been fantasising about having a butt plug up my arse, my dildo in my cunt, and His balls in my mouth (while He jerks).
  • anal sex. It's been too long since I've felt His cock in my arse. I want Him to fuck my arse. I want to be on top with His cock buried in me. I want to feel Him cum in my arse.
  • to be restrained. I miss the feeling of powerlessness when I'm tied up. Having the control taken away from me *sigh*
  • to give Him a blow job again. Oh how I'm missing having His cock in my mouth. And I want to start perfecting my skills....I am determined to deep throat without my gag reflex over-reacting.

And the things I've craving, but can't have yet?

  • Getting my inner labia pierced.
I'm looking forward to the piercing itself. The time I had anything pierced or tattooed was over 18 months ago (my nipples). There comes a point with me, when I get that craving again. If I had the money, they would have been done by now.

It's not only the piercing I'm looking forward to, it's seeing what they look like after they're done. Playing with them when they've fully healed. And the possibility of Him locking them together as a way of masturbation control. Or His interest in stretching. I have to admit that I am curious about that and the use of weights.

  • Getting my clit hood pierced.
We've decided to leave this until after my labia piercings. Mainly due to the fact that this will hurt more and take longer to heal. And unless He says that He wants me to get something else pierced, this will be my final piercing which will bring me to a total of 11.

Boy am I looking forward to getting this done! If my sensitivity increases for this, anything like it did when I got my nipples pierced, I am going to be one very happy woman! :-)

  • Enjoying the use of a fucking machine.
And this is one I suspect I'll be waiting a fairly long time for, given the price. I will be the lazy partner of my fucking machine. I want one that does the work for me. I want to be lying down, or on hands and knees etc and have it fuck me. I do not want to be sitting on it or anything like that. I want to be able to use it hands free, with my hands only adjusting the controls, or playing with my clit. I figure if I'm buying a 'fucking machine' then, that's exactly what it should do, fuck me. I am a simple woman who is easy to please ;-)

But, as I said, given the price of these, I don't think I'll be getting one for a long time. Hmm....what big events have I got coming up that I could request this as a present? Graduating from Uni? Couple years away yet....would love it before then. Reaching my goal weight? I'm hoping to be there by Christmas. Do you think that 39kg's (85.9lbs) is an awesome enough effort/reason to buy a fucking machine? ;-) I can dream, can't I?


  1. Sounds like reasonable requests Lucy. Hope they come through for you.

  2. I have pierced Rose's labia, and they are wonderful to play with. You will love having them done.


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