Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Damp Down Under

It's been two and a half months since I went off the pill and had the implant put in. Since then, I haven't had any of the following: periods, cramps, nausea and (the best one) pms. However, when I was on the pill, a week beforehand I would be incredibly horny. Now that I have the implant, I don't have this week.

I'm horny for four out of four weeks in a month. Yes, all four. Although I'm not super, mega, heavy duty horny all the time (like I was in the week beforehand), I am always aroused and ready for sex.

I couldn't calculate, in a day, the amount of time I spend touching my clit or playing with my lips, or casually dipping in the tip of a finger. My hands have a mind of their own. I'll be watching TV and become aware of the hand between my legs, curiously & quietly masturbating. Every single time I wake up through the night I am wet, and one of my hands is between my legs, rubbing my clit.

I am constantly aroused.

I am the typical teenage boy in a woman's body. Yes, I do fantasise about women, but that's not what I mean. As a result of my state of arousal, I'm always thinking about sex. Fantasising about trying new things; thinking of different ways to seduce Him; thinking about how I could take advantage of the situation and masturbate. However much I love being aroused and thinking about sex, it's devilishly frustrating at times.

So if it were my choice, how often would I want it? Sex, I would want daily. Hell, what am I talking about if's for? I do want it everyday! Okay, so if it were my choice, how often would I actually get it? Daily, preferably in the mornings or afternoons (that's my thing at the moment). I hear you ask about masturbation? Daily as well :-)

If you were as horny as often and for as long as I am, wouldn't you take advantage of the it? I bet you would ;-)


  1. What's wrong with being horny all the time and wanting sex all the time. Hell i'd be wrapt if i came home to that every night.

  2. Do you have a sister?

  3. Gaz,
    :-) Thank you for your compliment.
    To answer your question: Sometimes it doesn't come together because other things get in the way. And although I'm sex-crazy 24/7, that doesn't mean that Daddy is. I'm certainly not complaining about what I do receive/enjoy now :-)

    Thanks for the awesome compliment! :-) Sorry to disappoint you, but no. I would love to have a sister, probably just as much as you would love me to have one ;-) I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find my her.

  4. Hey enjoy playing with yourself and having sex as much as possible. So many women I know our age have zero libido!


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