Wednesday, January 06, 2010


She was waiting for the holidays; looking forward to all the naughty fun they could have together. And then He got sick. Every day she would wake up with an ache between her legs, hoping that today was the day He would be feeling much better. However, each new day found Him just as sick as the one before.

Two weeks later and He’s still sick. It’s after dinner and she knows He’s not feeling well enough for what she wants to be doing. With Him busy watching tv, she takes this opportunity and quietly exits to the bedroom. Straight away she proceeds to her bedside drawer, the one that keeps her toys, her lovers. Her whole body tingles thinking about her lover’s cock, but tonight there is no time. She reaches in and retrieves her baby blue waterproof vibe. As quickly as it’s retrieved, the old batteries are replaced by new ones and she makes her way into the bathroom.

She undresses quickly, almost ripping her clothes off. The hot water is turned onto high, steaming up the glass. In one swift movement she sinks down; her back against the wall and legs splayed open. Her hand dives down to find her clit erect and begging for attention. With limited time, it’s only a matter of seconds before she places the vibe on her clit and turns it on. She masturbates as His words replay in her mind. The promise of Him taking her arse again, of making it a regular priority.

She soaps up her other hand and plays with a nipple, allowing a soft sigh to escape her lips. She increases the speed of the vibe as she rests more of her weight against the wall. She’s getting closer, thinking about having His cock in her arse again. Conscious of the time that has passed she wonders if He’s going to come looking for her soon. The thought of Him catching her masturbating is a fantasy that has made her gush on countless occasions. Tonight will be no different. Her toes curl under as she cums, hoping He’s going to walk in at that very moment and catch her.


  1. Well I hope he catches you soon....

  2. This story does a wonderful job of putting a picture in your head. A delightfully dirty picture. Bravo


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