Sunday, June 04, 2006


Nothing beats being submissive. Or having your Master call you his slut. You truly can’t explain the pride and love you feel when He looks at you with lust in His eyes and says “Come here slut”, and you know what’s coming next. (Grins).

Although most people believe that calling a woman slut is derogatory, it’s not when your Master uses it. It’s a term filled with love, lust, control, and power. He lusts after your body, He loves your body, but more than anything, He has control over everything you do and He has power over you.

Nothing compares to knowing He controls everything you do, from your daily activities to when you’re allowed to orgasm. You have to ask His permission to cum, and if He says no, well that’s too bad. And you know not to expect that He’ll let you cum, you have to earn it. And He must be pleased first, before you even think about you cumming.

God I just love it so much when I ask if I can cum and He says no, but won’t let me stop playing. He’s teasing me, and He knows it. He wants to see how long I can last before I beg Him to let me cum. I do slip up and cum without obtaining permission, but I am punished for such slip-ups. And I’m punished severely. He spanks me, or whips me, and although I know He loves to punish me, I love it aswell. (He knows I love it, but He makes sure it hurts so badly, so I don’t love it so much). I love Him spanking me until it hurts so bad that my arse is so very red. It’s when He passes this point that I like the spanking less, because this is when it really hurts. I know He only does this because I misbehaved, and if I behaved, I wouldn’t have to be subjected to this. But god, sometimes I just can’t help it. I mean think about it, if you were so close to cumming that you had to think of something totally unrelated to stop yourself, and that still didn’t work, but He still won’t let you stop masturbating, how would you be? I can pretty much guarantee that you’d be the same as me, and you can’t help it. You know He’s going to punish you, but you can’t stop yourself. You know He’ll spank or whip (or worse) you later, but you can’t help it.

Just thinking about Him makes me wet. I so badly wish He were here so that He would use me as He pleases. I love you Master.

Lucy xoxox

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