Monday, June 12, 2006

Wouldn't it be nice?

It would be nice if He wasn't so far away from me. Although, it does make our time together that much sweeter (cheeky grin). I can't wait until I see Him again, and He uses me as He always does. My cunt is wet just thinking about Him. Oh, how I'd be lost without Him; without His domination; without Him having control over me. No one truly understands what it's like to give yourself to someone, until you have given 100% of yourself to another person. There's nothing quite like submitting to another, and knowing that they have all the power. They control you, you obey them, and you're willing to do anything and everything, just for the chance of getting what you want. It's obsession, it's lust, it's love. It is 100% pure ecstasy!

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