Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Hairy Bits

Okay, so I've talked about the fact that I have body hair in places that most other women don't. I was reluctant initially to write about the face that I don't shave the hair under my arms or on my legs. Now, I choose to write about it openly and freely. If anyone reading doesn't like it, I don't care. Because I do, and this is my blog.

So why do I keep my hair? At first, I deliberately didn't shave because Master loves hairy women. When I was younger I was lazy (and shaving your legs is difficult when you wear glasses and can't see 3 inches in front of your face without them). But what about now? Well, now I choose not to shave for many reasons.

1) It is rather difficult to see what you're doing in the shower without glasses. (Yes I know there are ways to get around this, but this just really gives me the shits).

2) One of His fetishes is hairy women. He loves seeing a beautiful woman with armpit and leg hair. Which leads me to number 3.

3) Because of His fetish and watching video's and looking at pictures of hairy women, it's now one of my fetishes. It's funny how this one seems to sneak up on you. One day you look at a woman with hair on her legs or under her arms and you think 'oh yeah, another hairy woman' and then the next time you look you go 'ooh, hairy woman. nice'. And it's at that moment that you think to yourself 'hang on. when did that change?'

4) I love the look of hairy women. It's especially nice to see a beautiful woman with milky white skin and dark hair. The contrast between her skin colour and hair colour is just gorgeous. In saying that though, I do love seeing a hairy red-headed woman. Love red hair. (Perhaps something to do with loving my own red hair. Us red-heads have to stick together!)

5) I love to look at my hair and feel my hair. It turns me on. Playing with the hair under my arms, twirling them around my fingers. Feeling them with my whole hand. Going into the bathroom and lifting my arm, admiring how long they're getting, how thicker they're looking. Running my hands over my legs, feeling the difference in coarseness between the hair on my ankles to the hair just above my knees. Feeling my hair? Sweetness.

Yesterday, because I love my hair so much, I gave myself a treat. It was time for a shower and I needed to wash the hair on my head. That got me thinking. 'I wonder if I shampoo and condition all my hair, will that make it softer?' So that's exactly what I did.

Now I love having a shower or bath anyway. To me, I feel my sexiest when I'm in the shower. There's just something about the water cascading all over my body that just makes me feel so utterly feminine and sexy like nothing else does. So yesterday my shower was even better than normal. I shampooed and rinse the hair on my head. Then put the conditioner in. I like to leave it sit there for awhile (makes it softer). So while that's working away, I shampoo and rinse both underarms. I continue down and shampoo and rinse the hair that's on my cunt and around my arsehole. Then I continue by doing the same on my legs. I come back up and condition my armpit hairs. I want them to be extra soft like the hair on my head goes, so I put my arms back down and let it sit there for awhile while I continue.

I condition and rinse my cunt and arse hair, and spend a fair amount of time doing the same with my legs. Mmmm...any excuse now to feel how hairy I am. I rinse the conditioner from underneath my arms and from my head. I hop out and lazily and slowly dry myself off. I condition my face and put on some mascara. I'm feeling the sexiest woman in the world at this moment. I pull out my light chocolate lipstick and apply it. I pucker my lips and make a kissing sound. I blot my lips on a tissue and I pucker and kiss again.

I stand in front of the mirror, half side-on, half full frontal, and I look gorgeous. How hot do I look? If I wasn't me, and I saw me...I'd want to fuck me.

Later in the evening, we were sitting in the lounge room. Him on the recliner, me on the floor leaning against the other one. I turn towards Him, and place my right leg on the chair. "Feel my leg" I say. He places his hand on my shin. "Which part of your leg?" I shake my head. "No feel my leg. Feel it. Like you normally feel it, rub your hand up and down". He does so. "Does it feel any different I ask?" He replies "Maybe a bit coarser. Why?" "Well I got thinking today and you're going to laugh but that's okay. I wondered what it would be like to shampoo and condition all my hair. So I did. And considering you feel my legs more than I do I wondered your opinion."

Master told me, after we both masturbated to hairy women that I inspire Him to jerk. My hair, inspires Him to jerk. (Big happy smiles on this face).

So the verdict on shampooing and conditioning all my body hair? My legs seem more coarse as Master said, but He also said He didn't mind which way they came, He'd still feel them. My armpit hair? I like it both ways. It stands out more now; it doesn't lie flat too much. Cunt hair? take it or leave it, it's much of a muchness. (Plus, once it's long enough to wax, it's gone).

Will I do this all again? Yes, I definitely will. Obviously there's a subtle difference in leg hair, but it doesn't bother Him and I touch my armpit hair more than He does, so I probably won't be doing it for His benefit. I'll do it for mine. A treat for myself, a bit of self-pampering. And what girl doesn't love to feel pampered? Ultimately though, the sexier and more confident I feel, the more He benefits. So, in a round-a-bout way I will be doing it for His benefit.


  1. I stand in front of the mirror, half side-on, half full frontal, and I look gorgeous. How hot do I look? If I wasn't me, and I saw me...I'd want to fuck me. LUCY LUCY LUCY...THAT PUT THE BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE!!! KUDOS TO YOU GIRL. I WAS LAUGHING OUT LOUD. I LOVE THAT STATEMENT!!!! JUST LOVE IT. YOU GO!!!!!

  2. I have a great big grin on my face now! Thanks for that Rose. To be honest, I wasn't sure about putting that part in the post, I almost deleted it. I thought maybe I might come across as self-centred and egotistical, but then I thought "Meh. Whatever. It's what I thought, so it's going in!" LOL

    Thanks again for the comment...glad I could make your day a little brighter.


  3. I stand by that your comment,,If there was a award for best remarks,,that would take first place. I still smile when I think of it. "I'd want to fuck me"...omg...the best!!!!!
    Headed to Boston for Passover. I will be meeting the rest of his family. A little nervous but so grateful that he considers me that important.
    Have a wonderful week Lucy!!!

  4. I get this! Probably for different reasons, but I get it. I shave my underarms maybe once a month (more in the summers though) and I hate H.A.T.E. shaving my legs. I don't know this is because I'm seriously lazy, falling into the glasses category, or just well...whatever.

    If you're okay with being hairy and he is okay with you being hairy...then enjoy the hell out of the hair!

  5. Oh I'm bad about shaving my legs. My underarms - I shave regularly, but my legs...D can tell you that months go by, especially during the winter. And even in the summer, I like to wait a while and let everything grow out a bit before I shave it off again - I'm rather susceptible to ingrowns. I fall into the whole I-wear-glasses/I'm-lazy category, but when I love the feeling of bare skin on skin, so I shave and occasionally I make him shave too!

  6. Naughty Girl,

    I'm glad to hear that someone gets what I'm on about! (smiles). It's one thing to see all these women in porno's happy with their hair (they're getting paid for it mind you), and it's another to have a real person understand me.

    Glad to hear there's someone else out there who knows how frustrating it is to try and successfully shave their legs when they can't see.

    "If you're okay with being hairy and he is okay with you being hairy...then enjoy the hell out of the hair!" <- I LOVE this statement. Enjoy the hell out of hair...almost sounds like a pretty good catch phrase for a company or something. What about an ad for a dating site for hairy people and people who love these hairy people. The voice over says: "Are you hairy? Or do you like your significant other to be hairy? Then you're in the right place. Everyone's welcome here. So come meet others like you and we can all enjoy the hell out of our hair!"


    Ingrown hairs totally suck arse. So I can understand why you don't like shaving. Again, it's great to hear of someone else who finds the whole shaving-in-the-shower-without-being-able-to-see thing frustrating (I was starting to think I was all alone).

    When you say you make him shave...are you talking about his legs?

    Thanks for the comments everyone. It's good to know someone's out there reading. And even better that a topic like this doesn't shy people away from reading and commenting and coming back.


  7. Years ago, on Fox network, there was a show called Herman's Head, something way ahead of its time, dramatizing the multiple voices that all of us have going on in our heads...Herman, the lead character, had fallen deeply for a woman with hairy airpits. It became an issue, and they broke up. But you're right, the look was very natural and sexy.

  8. Heeheehee, I can just picture D trying to shave his legs! No, I've gotten him into liking having his pubic area/groin shaved. I love to have him smooth when I suck him off, and I love running my tongue over his smooth balls.


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