Saturday, February 07, 2009

Needing Him

*This is a post Daddy asked me specifically to write about, and from the particular angle I've written it from*

I needed it. I spent all day thinking about his hard cock. How good it would feel in my hands, how much I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him to fuck me; I wanted to ride him until it hurt. I wanted to cum until I couldn’t possibly take any more. Oh how I needed to be fucked.

He arrived home to me playing the Wii. Little did he know that I was merely doing that to try and distract myself from how aroused I was. I wanted him to fuck me then; as soon as he got home. But he’d had a long day, so I was quiet, waiting patiently in the hopes that later he’d indulge me.

And he did.

The tv was switched off and while I went to the kitchen for a drink, he went to the bedroom. I thought he was getting ready for bed, until he walked out, cock in hand, jerking off. I smiled, and sighed a little, knowing what was coming.

Standing there jerking his hard cock, unashamed and so self assured. It makes me weak in the knees just watching. I couldn’t help but kiss him. Those lips of his, and the way he kisses me…mmmm pure delight.

I followed him into the bedroom. As he lay down, never missing a stroke, I joined him. I was lying on my side facing him with one hand on his chest and the other supporting my head. I leaned into him, listening to the sounds of him jerking, hearing my breath catch the more aroused I became. I kissed him again; deep, loving, hungry kisses. I needed to kiss him. It didn’t take long for my hand to find his balls; it never does. We continued like this for awhile; until I needed to be fucked.

I lay on my back and let my fingers wander to between my legs. I was dripping. I rubbed my bullet vibe over my clit for barely any time at all before I had to turn it on. It went straight to medium. I masturbated; teasing myself for a little until it was time for him to fuck me.

He teased me at first, gently pushing a little way in, making me want more. In and out with just the first couple of inches. And then he was all the way in and I was gasping for breath. I had been waiting all day to feel him inside me, to feel him fuck me.

He took it slow at first; fucking me with his whole length, listening to me gasp as he buried himself in me. He stay still, buried deep in me, my muscles contracting around his hard cock. Sucking him in, willing him deeper. And then, with no warning, he started pulling out. I cried out as he started withdrawing, surprised, sad, and even annoyed. My cunt was being emptied against my will. He pulled almost all the way out and then fucked himself back in again. I sighed with pleasure; loving the feel of his hard cock.

He continued like this; almost fully withdrawing and then fucking himself deep in me. The long, deep thrusts and the vibe on my clit were making me want to cum already. He pulled out just a little, then back in again. Fucking me deep with just a few inches of his cock. I could feel the bumps of his cock, the thickness at the base, and the pressure on my g spot. I raised my hips, fucking him back. Urging him to fuck me faster. Yes, today I definitely needed to be fucked.

He’s known me for long enough now to read my reactions and to know what I want. He started fucking me hard and deep, fully withdrawing and then plunging into me again and again. Arching my back, I turned the vibe up to high. He was deep in me when he stopped.

I clamped down on his cock as I started to fuck him. Working him in and out. It wasn’t long until he was fucking me again. Slowly and teasingly he pumped his cock in me. Making me want more. I shifted my hips, rocking with his movement and he knew what I wanted. It wasn’t long before he was plunging his hard cock deep in my cunt; making me want to cum.

He could tell I was getting close by my heavy breathing and groaning. He fucked me harder and deeper, edging me closer with each thrust. The more he fucked me, the harder I would clamp down, making him fuck me more. Until it became too much, and it felt too good.

I clamped down on his cock as I came. My body writhing with pleasure as each orgasm came and took over. I tried to get him to stop, I was too sensitive. That’s when he fucked me harder and even deeper than just a few seconds earlier. And he fucked another few orgasms from me.

I collapsed, exhausted and still spasming as the ripples went through my body.


  1. LOVE it. Absolutely. What a wonderful post, my friend. Hot and sexy - I felt practically pulled along by your words. I hope you had as much fun writing that as you did the night you got fucked!

  2. divine!

  3. Damn, this is hot, Lucy!


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