Monday, February 02, 2009

Thinking about my breasts...

I was wearing a C cup bra when I started high school. By the end of grade 10 I was endowed with a D. And graduation saw me with a DD cup.

I bought bras a couple of months ago in a C cup (the same size as when I was 13 years old) and I've noticed that I now have quite a bit of room in these. Is it possible that I may be looking at a life of B cup bras?

This just blows my mind!


  1. Your previous post contained photos including a frontal showing the size of your breasts.. certainly didn't look like a set of B cups.. not to me anyway..

  2. Freddy,

    Was that the Christmas HNT photo you're referring to? That's the only recent one that was front on showing my breasts.

  3. Yes Lucy,

    And if they're B's.. I'd love to see when they were DD's, lol..

    Curious about "Daddy" being your biological one too.. don't think he is but couldn't find anything too say he was or wasn't..


  4. Freddy,

    Thanks for replying back :-)

    The bra I'm wearing in the Christmas photo that you're talking about was (and still is) too big for me. It's a D size, but that's the only one that looked semi-Christmassy (because it's red). So that's actually hiding the fact that they're smaller than they look.

    Although they're not B's yet, I suspect they will be with the more weight I lose.

    Daddy is not my biological father. Sorry to disappoint lol. We're just a "normal" couple exploring our sexuality with one another. We've been together just over 6years.

    Hope that helps clear things up :-)


  5. Hi again..

    Nah, I'm not disappointed about you and your partner, lol.. just curious.. I think you checked out my blog and thought I must like those type of relationships.. but anyone would think the exact same thoughts.. I am a sicko but dont indulge in the practice of it.. or know anyone who does..

    As for your pic.. they look great no matter what the size.. I'd have no complaints with them, lol.. hope the weight loss is not related to any health problems..

    And good luck with your explorations..

    Cheers, Freddy..

  6. Freddy,

    Surprisingly, it's only just now that I've checked out your blog (very interesting). I hadn't seen it before, when I made the previous comment.

    I'm impressed that you had the courage to ask if he was my real dad. We/I've never been asked that before :-)

    The weight loss although not a cause of health problems, it is problems with my health that have led me to lose the weight. I wasn't healthy, but I'm on my way (after I get rid of this cold/bronchitis/sinus infection). Thanks for the concern though.


  7. Hello again..

    Yeah. my blog is "interesting", lol.. a lot of people elsewhere enjoy it.. it was an eye opener when I first discovered the genre..

    As for the courage to ask.. its easy when you're anonymous, lol.. I didn't think you'd take offense.. just seemed like a question worth asking.. I did search beforehand to see if it was addressed but couldn't find anything..

    Nobody likes to hear of people being ill.. and doesn't cost anything to be polite.. but glad to hear you're slowly on the mend.. apart from the cold etc..

    Oh, I did find something you posted a while ago very very interesting.. I posted a comment a week or two ago.. but won't bring it up here..

    Anyway.. be good..


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