Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Favourite Room

The bathroom is my favourite room in the house.

There's the mirror, who always shows me the truth. Good, bad, and yes even the ugly! :-)

And the scales, who can be both my friend and my foe. They take great pleasure when I've been deprived of my cravings...the less weight they have to support when I stand on them. They can be selfish bastards at times.

The bath tub, where I so infrequently relax, but should more because it does wonders for me.

The vanity, where I put my contacts in each morning and smile at the person staring back at me. I am now pretty enough not to hide behind my glasses.

And last but not least the shower. My haven away from all else. My sanctuary.

As a child I had a love/hate relationship with taking showers. On the one hand I loved them, it was the place I could just sit & think. If I had've been allowed, I would have spent hours in the shower as a kid. And once spent so long in there my grandfather threatened to throw refrigerated water over me to get me to come out. I've also fallen asleep in the shower.

And loving it so much leads to my dilemma. Because I knew I would spend as much time as possible in there, I'd feel like maybe I was missing out on something that was happening outside this sanctuary.

Now, not so much. Now the shower is my place. To chill out and relax, work out things in my head, and to let my emotions free.

When I cry, a lot of the times it's in the shower. And it feels so natural & calming.

My tears for my tragedies, heartaches, disappointments, anger, frustration, despair and loneliness are set free. Washed away with me feeling a little lighter.

My tears for my achievements, happiness, joy, excitement, dreams, hopes and wishes are also set free. I hope that when they're washed away, somehow because I let the good things go, good things will come back to me.

The water I love to feel splashing over me. Drenching me, hugging me. So refreshing and so calming.

The actual washing in the shower...the chance to rid yourself of the day, to start fresh. As my skin is washed away, a new me appears. Ever just slightly, but she's there.


  1. I cry in the shower too. It sounds really dramatic to say it like this, but nobody hears me in there.

  2. I like the fact that the shower take a weight off your shoulder!


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