Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There's no time for sleep now

He is asleep in bed. Lying on his side, breathing deep; I know he is out to it.

I lay in bed next to him, cuddling in. My breasts against his back, my hand and arm resting on his chest. I deviously think to myself “Here’s my chance”, as a smile comes across my face.

I start moving my hand down and as I touch his stomach he flinches a little. I keep my hand still and stay there for a bit, not moving, listening to his breathing. When I think it’s safe, I move further down & I feel his briefs. My hand immediately targets his cock.

My hand still outside his briefs, rubs his cock. Tracing lines up and down his shaft with my fingers. I feel him harden at my touch. Moving further down I fondle his balls, enlarging his hard cock as he rolls onto his back. I adjust so he doesn’t lie on top of me and so I’m in the best possible position.

I grip his shaft with my palm and squeeze. His cock jerks involuntarily and he moans, still sleeping.

I gently trace circles around the head and then go back to rubbing his cock, jerking him off while he sleeps. His hips lift up off the bed slightly, encouraging me more.

I move my hand up to find the top of his briefs; I lift it up and slide my hand underneath. Carefully ensuring I don’t snap the elastic onto his stomach.

I wiggle my hand down and grasp his cock as I start to jerk him off. His cock twitches and grows harder with my touch. I vary from long, firm strokes to shorts one focussed on the head. I move down and play with his balls some more and his cock grows harder still. He moans as I make my way back up and continue jerking him. It doesn’t take long and he’s lifting his hips, removing his briefs.

Mmm….freedom of movement. I become more confident, holding him firmer, jerking him faster. And then he wakes up and realises it’s not just a dream. He groans at my insistent touch, raising his hips, fucking my hand.

I bring my hand close to my face, licking my palm and fingers before jerking him some more. He’s leaking pre-cum and lying back, enjoying being fucked.

I sit up and shuffle down the bed a little. I lick my lips slowly in anticipation of tasting him again.

Slowly, but eagerly I open my mouth and close my lips around the head, gently sucking & licking all at once.

I continue jerking him as I tempt him with my mouth. Easing his cock further towards my throat.

I jerk him faster as I suck harder, urging him to cum. He starts to run one hand over my leg when I force his cock as far into my mouth as it’s ever been. Leaking so much, tasting so good. Touching my tonsils, it gets too sensitive for him so I go back to jerking him off.

My hand moves faster and his hips move more quickly, fucking my hand. He groans more and his hips move up and down even quicker still. “Cum for me” I say.

With a few hard and fast jerks his cock is spurting. When he’s cumming, I can’t help but wish he was doing so in my mouth. He cums spurt after spurt landing on my hand and his stomach.

Still holding his cock I move my face up to his. “I love you” I whisper. “I know”. We smile at one another as I request “Kiss me”. And boy does he know how to kiss ;-)


  1. Do you hire out as an alarm clock? If so sign me up!


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