Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dirty Little Secrets

When we're in highschool, we believe that we need someone. (Everyone remembers those times when you felt left out of it all, when you were single and all of your friends were pairing up together).

After highschool we believe we're independent and don't need anyone. (Remember thinking to yourself: "It's fine that *Sarah, *Rebecca and *Emily all have boyfriends, but I'm content by myself").

As we get older, we know that we need someone. (This is where the change comes in. We no longer believe that having someone to share our life with is important...we've reached a turning point and this is where we actually admit to ourselves that we do need someone).

Submission goes deeper than control.

For me, it's not just about someone having control over you, it's about opening yourself up and trusting that person fully. It's about bearing you to them. Not just parts of you, but telling them everything! When you get here it's amazing to know that there are no secrets and that He knows all there is to know about you (as well as all your dirty little secrets). You let go of "you", while embracing the true or real you.

I'm so content knowing this is the place for me, and not only is this where I want to be, I know it's where I need to be.

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