Sunday, March 04, 2007

What am I looking forward to?

  • having my cunt paddled/whipped;
  • wearing a chastity belt;
  • getting my nipples, labia and clit pierced;
  • using a spreader bar;
  • pissing for Him in public;
  • being restrained for long periods of time;
  • masturbating on webcam for others .

These are just a few for the moment. I'm sure I shall think of more soon.


  1. At last someone that is willing to speak their mind....I love doing things in public...hubby loves for me to piss on him...begs me to...I do squirt alot of the times when I cum and he says sometimes it tastes like days I don't care...because it gets his dick sooooo throbbing hard for my cunt...I would add being fisted to your list...I want to experience that....there are some four-legged fantasies that I have....blush...would love to be seduced in a doctor's office, by either the doctor or a nurse...the doctor could be either male or female....check our blog out too..hugs...BG

  2. Mature Bold Couple,
    Thank you for your comment. It's good to know that I'm not the only squirter out there! I can't help it...every time I cum, I squirt.

    I have to agree with adding fisting to the list (can't believe I forgot that one). It's certainly going to be interesting (when we've mastered cunt fisting), to try arse fisting.

    Mmmm...four-legged fantasies...yes that's a definite to add to the list! And I like the idea of being seduced by the doctor...although the gyno would be good too (especially if the gyno was a woman).

  3. Are we sharing a brain or something? LOL! Seriously (except my tits are pierced). May i offer an opinion about nether region piercings? (only because i had one... note the italic. Opt for the hood or the labia, not the clit. Trust me.

    How humiliating to have to record your orgasm activity. Before my ban, i think we were sharing the hornyness too. LOL!

    Hope i'm not annoying you. Love meeting new submissive bloggers with controlling Masters/Owners *s*


  4. Of course you're not annoying me! It's great to have someone to relate to about all this. and it's great that someone has finally found my blog &starting commenting.

    I have been told that if u get ur clit pierced there is a chance that you'll gain 50% of the feeling or u can lose 50% of the feeling so I would definitely opt for getting the hood pierced, rather than my actual clit (and my master is happy with this). I couldn't risk losing it, although 50% more would be good, even though if that did happen, then I definitely couldn't stop myself from my "solo acts".

    Did it really hurt when you got ur nipples pierced? I'm not big on pain (even though I have multiple tattoo's and have my ears/nose/navel pierced).

    Re: recording my's ok. It's a little strange knowing that you will all know when I have done such "solo acts". And of course, I'm not going to cheat, and lie. My Master knows just how horny I get (sometimes it seems like it's constant, which alot of the time it is), and He's playing on this by making me blog my "solo acts".

    Thanks for coming back and continuing to post comments. Your blog is very interesting. But i do have one question....How do you manage to be okay with posting pics where ur readers can c who u r? I'm still apprehensive about that.

  5. Hi again!

    My Owner makes sure my identity (outside of toy) is preserved and everything is run through Him with regards to photos. i've done it for so long that it's not a big deal. No one has ever walked up tome and said "toy?" i mask my features and identifying tattoos too. The only one that gets camera time is His Ownership mark and no one else is permitted to see that. And i'm not ashamed of this side of me so if someone did have the courage to walk up to me and say "toy?" (which is doubtful since it's such an explicit forbidden blog!) i'd be like "yeah?"

    They still don't know anything else, you know? i feel safe in my city. But thank you for asking!

    Yeah, about the clit piercing... happy to hear that you opted for the hood. Best choice to save yourself meanial orgasms and sensations. i took mine out though about 2 weeks after it was done because there is always an infection and i freaked. It healed completely.

    My tongue piercing hurt way more than the nipples. Though, the first was unexpected pain, the second was a bit more "sharp"? Is that the right word? They actually take a long time to heal: a long time being, in my case, a full year, before they can be tugged and twisted and pulled around. i like them though as does my Owner and that's what matters!

    As for anything else, i do follow your blog, i enjoy you, and while i'm not always a great commenter, i like learning new people and sharing when i have something to say.

    Glad this is cool!

    PS- glad you're not reporting inaccurately! i've been on the 0 orgasms for over a week now. i've thought about cheating and reported myself. i think there's a physical price coming up soon but one can never be too sure... lol!

    As for photos: if you're uncomfortable with it 2 things: wait til your'e ready and know that you'll be become comfortable. i wouldn't typically dream of posting such... things but as part of my service, i do as i'm told and expected. That's my "high" so to speak :o)


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