Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love HNT


A couple of days ago I went shopping for some new tops. Now that I've lost so much weight (over 55lbs/25kg's) what I have/had is pretty much too big. With winter fast approaching, I needed some tops that I could wear, but this I picked up for a measly $5. Good for around the house and to bed.

And more than anything, it sums up exactly how I feel about myself now. It's been a long time coming for me to be happy with my physical appearance, and I have never loved what I looked like. Sure, I haven't reached my goal weight yet, but with each day it's getting closer. And although there's parts of my body that aren't exactly how I would like them to be, I do love what I look like.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!

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  1. What a great shirt! Love your hair in the click!

  2. Looking good, regardless of which side we're looking at. And good for you!

  3. I really like these pictures. And especially the sexy little preview that only *I* got to see earlier (yes, I'm bragging). You SHOULD love you and should be super proud of yourself for your weight loss. It's wonderful and amazing and I'm so happy for you.

  4. I <3 You too...especially in these oversized shirts and no pants hehe.

  5. Anonymous9:08 pm

    looking great from either direction!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss! That is a huge accomplishment!

    And the shirt is PERFECT!

  7. you should love what you see cause its gorgeous :)

    i love that shirt *giggles* i have one that says "I ♥ Me, Myself and I"


  8. fabulous shirt! i think everyone should have one actually. hmmm...wish i could find one here.

    congrats on the weight loss. it's a constant challenge but so worthwhile. you have absolutely beautiful hair.

    happy HNT

  9. Lookin good sister!!!


  10. wow! congrats on the amazing milestone! how are you doin' it?

    any which way, the hard work is definitely worth it 'cuz your body is absolutely to die for! delicious!!! and i'm glad you can finally rock a tee like that -- as a woman in this society, loving your body is a *revolution* that i'm glad you're a part of! now to get me on that train. . . hehe


  11. You look lovely - you should definitely love yourself :-) HHNT!

  12. :)
    I'm so happy for you. Now then, will you be my trainer, lol?????
    I need HELP! And you CLEARLY know what you're doin!

  13. Love the shirt, for what it means to you. Looking great!

  14. Anonymous8:23 am

    Good for you on the weight loss!

    Happy HNT!

  15. I heart you, too. You look fantastic, Lucy. You should be so proud.

  16. You should always love yourself! And your body looks great!
    Happy belated HNT!

  17. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments. All of you made me smile and feel even better about myself with your kind words :-)

    Coy Pink, good on ya for teasing everyone about the preview you got lol.

    Danimo, I've never been told my body is 'to die for', so thank you for saying such a wonderful thing. I was shocked when I first read it, but loved it :-)

    Lilly, it's a tad difficult for me to be your trainer, given that we live half a world away. Sorry! :-)

  18. lovely photo of a very pretty girl

  19. Congrats! I love this one...


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