Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You know I'm in charge, don't you?

I send him a text, "I'll be there in 15mins. You know how I want you." He replies with "I'll be ready". I think to myself 'You'd better be, or there'll be trouble'.

I'm already dressed. Hair tied up in a high ponytail, mascara and some lipstick. A long, classy black coat covers my red-trimmed black corset, short black skirt, and part of the black thigh-high stockings I've got on. My ensemble is complete with 5inch heels.

I pick up my bag of toys, which includes lube, a blindfold, various dildo's and buttplugs, restraints, and a few instruments to administer punishment if need be, and head to my car.

I'm going to have some fun tonight. It's been almost 2weeks since I've seen him, but tonight will be well worth the wait.

I'm on time as I park down the street a little. He can wait a little longer, let the temptation build. I roll down the window and have a smoke while he waits for me to arrive. With one hand holding the cigarette, the other wanders under my coat and skirt. I run my long nails over my freshly waxed pussy, feeling the arousal. Knowing it's only a matter of minutes before the fun begins.

I remove my hand from between my legs, put the smoke out in the ashtray and start the car. I make a u-turn and park in his driveway. It's late at night, there's no lights on in the neighbouring houses. They've all gone to bed. No doubt to wake up fresh for work in the morning. 'He won't be fresh for work in the morning' I think as I exit the car with my bag and walk to his front door. I take out the spare key he's given me and wait a little before opening the door, knowing he heard the
clicking of my heels on the cement. I lick my lips as I slip the key in and turn.

As I open the door, I see him kneeling before me, head down. Naked except for the black collar, and the cock ring he knows he has to wear when I visit.

"Good evening Mistress" he says before kissing my heeled feet. "Thank you for coming". I laugh, "Don't thank me yet boy".


  1. "Dont thank me yet boy" great...I wonder how the rest of the night went?!?

  2. Love this piece, very well written. Don't leave us hanging too long!

  3. Oh, a switch! This should be interesting!


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