Thursday, September 18, 2008

Study HNT

Sometimes I study like this, but on the weekends it's without panties, lying on my stomach, with my legs slightly apart for Daddy. For what I do on those other'll have to click.

(time to click!)

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!
And don't forget, if you're participating, or want to see who else is participating, visit Os.


  1. I cannot resist a woman with a book... especially when she puts the book down;-) It looks interesting reading - good luck with your studies.

  2. Books are sexy. So is your click through. Happy HNT!

  3. the click thru looks like anatomy you are studying!!!


  4. And how can you concentrate on study when you are naked?

    its a wonderful foto though!

  5. That click thru is great!!!! HHNT!!

  6. Smart and sexy. Thanks! HHNT!

  7. Yummy click thru! ;)


  8. Sexy little student! ;-)

    Your #1 American Fan

  9. I can't help wondering how uch of your weekend reading registers when there is so much going on to distract you :-) Happy HNT.

  10. An Artist Exposed,
    Glad you liked my pics. Interesting reading is one way to put it...this is actually an old textbook from awhile back. Thanks for commenting.

    Amorous Rocker,
    I think books are sexy too. Thank you for your lovely comment.

    I study a great many things in this world...anatomy is just one.

    How do I concentrate? Well, I'm not looking at me when I'm studying, so I'm not the one in the house that's distracted. I like being a tease to Daddy, showing off for Him, even though He knows He can't disturb me in the middle of studying (giggles). Thank you, I'm glad you liked the pics.

    Thanks...yours is pretty hot too!

    Greg & Sheryl,
    You're welcome and thank you for stopping by.

    I've never been described as yummy before, so thank you for putting an extra spring in my step this past week.

    Coy Pink,
    My #1 American fan hey? I didn't realise I had fans, I certainly don't get fan mail. :-) Thanks, you're pretty sexy yourself!

    Lapis Ruber,
    To be honest, I'm not all that distracted. It's a skill I've come to master, and sometimes when I'm studying I don't even realise until a little while after I started that I've had my hand between my legs, rubbing my clit. Sign of a true masturbator perhaps? :-)


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