Sunday, September 14, 2008

You're the perverted one trying to find me!

Ever since I first realised I could see how many people were coming to my blog by using a stat counter, I've been hooked. I've always had a chuckle to myself at some of the search terms used to find me. So I thought I would share them with you (keeping in mind that these aren't all of them....just some of the last 500). And thanks again for visiting, come back any time. Okay, now for the search terms!

daddy naughty spank clitty (#17 on this list)
enema punishment or soapy or discipline (unsure, but they found me from it)
legs spread daddy (unsure, but they found me)
bdsm "my master" "my bladder" (#54)
"daddy's good" "his cock" (#47)
"his little girl" bath fuck daddy (#10)
"photo of my cunt" (#2....ok so there's only 4 on the list, but I'm still number 2!)
daddy see my cunny (#19)
daddy girl snuggle wet sex (#7)
cunt and armpit with lucy hair picture (#1 & #2)
daddy sucking nipples (#18)
daddys little sub slut jewlery (#30)
little lucy lube (#3)
little lucy porn (#11)
Lucy's place (#1 on Google's Blog Search. Didn't expect to be any where near that pleasantly surprised)
lucy cunt daddy (#2 & #3)
little lucy nipples (#2 & #3).

And just for something a little bit random....

On Google, there are 118,000 links when you search the term retard sexy animal.
234 of these are blog links.

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  1. damn I need to search for some of these pics here!!!

    I lol everytime I look at mine too!


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