Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm back, better than ever

Hey everyone.
I see by my statcounter that you're all still coming back and checking up on me. So thank you for that. I know I've been a bit slack in posting, but life got a little bit depressing there not too long ago. I've bounced back after my sadness and sickness and I present to you a new and improved Lucy. (Sorry to disappoint, no picture today).

I am pleased to announce that both Daddy and I are no longer sick. I've been a bit under the weather this week, but that's pretty much gone now. And it certainly helped being treated to two (yes two!) sessions of watching Him masturbating last night. Like the good little girl I am, I put my mouth and tongue to good use and was rewarded with my own masturbation session :-D. I have to say that I got a real confidence boost last night when I asked Him if I could put my tongue to use...His response? "Not yet slut. I don't want to cum yet". I smiled and asked "Am I THAT good?" He smiled at me, jerked His hard cock a little faster and simply said "yes". *contented sigh* Not to mention the fact that He made mention of whoring me out to do just that...lick and suck on other men's balls while they jerk. Now, if that's not a recommendation of my talent, I don't know what is!

We got back into the swing of things this past weekend....You know you've had an awesome weekend of sex when you wake up Monday morning and don't want to move. Mmm...the residual pain of where He was biting me. I really do love the pain. *contented sigh again*

On a slightly different note, I have lost more weight. I know in my last post talking about my weight, I said that I wasn't going to refer to it as losing it, as I didn't want to find it again, and even though that's true (that I don't want to find it again), I'm going to still refer to it as my weight loss. It sounds funny calling it anything else. So now that we've got that sorted...for the good news. I've lost more weight, which brings me to a total of 17kgs (or 37.5lbs) gone. I did my measurements yesterday and from the last time I did them I've lost 7cms from my waist, not sure about my hips or bust (can't remember what they were), but they've definitely gotten smaller. So, I'm getting sexi-er! (big grins) I was a DD cup, now I think I'm down to about a C (although haven't been fitted to check that). I am now halfway through this journey. I'm halfway to my goal. And I'm pretty damn proud of myself!

I'm happy, and I'm confident. I can now walk down the street with my head held high and not be so self-conscious. I no longer walk down the street thinking that people are looking at me just because of the amount of space I take up (it's a sad thought, but yes, that's how I used to be). Now, I think one of two things... 1) They're just looking at me; or 2) They're checking me out. In saying that I'm not trying to be egotistical or anything, I'm just looking and feeling much, much better. Like the fact that when I give someone a hug now (be it Daddy or a friend), I don't feel like they're struggling to hug me (not that they really were struggling; I just felt big). Now, I don't feel like I'm taking up too much space, I'm happy and contented. And looking forward to reaching my goal weight.

Now, onto something a little different. I got side-tracked there and wanted to spill about my weight loss that I forgot to mention this before. Daddy's handing the reins over to me for a night. Yes, I am going to be trying my hand at being the one in control. I have to say that my mind has been wandering and ticking over, thinking of all the things I can (and probably will) do to Him. I've been brainstorming and well, let's just say, I think we're both going to have a helluva lot of fun. (Well, I'm pretty sure I know the adrenaline of something new and different and exciting. And I hope He's going to have fun too).

Anyway, I'm going to head off now. You know how it is...things to do, places to go etc.
Have a good one and Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday to you all!

EDIT: I went bra shopping tonight and I am a C cup. I honestly can't remember the last time I was a C cup.


  1. Welcome back...and a big welcome


  2. So glad you're finally feeling better! And congrats on hitting the halfway point! You should be very proud!

  3. Mariposa,
    Thank you.

    Yeah I know, it's about bloody time! Thanks on the congrats...I am very proud of myself.

  4. How did things go with being in charge?


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