Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's been happening in my world?

Alright, so not much has been going on here for awhile, apart from us being sick (yawn). It sucks that I haven't been able to post the usual sexy or hot posts about what we've gotten up to in the bedroom, but that's what happens when life (and sickness) gets in the way. Today, I've decided to do a re-cap (aka update) of what's been going on here.

I'm no longer sick (Thank fuck for that!) Unfortunately though, He is :-(

I've managed to score myself a job and I start next week. It's the same line of work that I was doing back home, so no need for stressing that I won't not what I'm doing in a new job (yay!)
It's still winter and it's still cold. However, I think I deserve a pat on the back(or a good-girl spanking *wink*) for giving Daddy topless cuddles a couple of nights ago and naked cuddles last night!

The weight loss has plateau-ed for the moment. I'm not gaining any of the weight that I've managed to shift (I won't say lose again, because that implies I can't find it, and I don't want to find it again lol). So, I'm gaining it, and I'm not losing any more. But that's okay. For the moment I'm quite content with where I am.

Last Friday I went shopping. After buying a pair of jeans after my initial start to shifting the weight (months ago), they are now too big for me (surprise, surprise). So my shopping was designated to finding a pair of jeans that I liked and fit me. This I did with surprising ease. I've always been a large girl, even as a kid. I've come accustomed to going to the 'big' section of clothing stores, hence why I LOATHE clothes shopping! It really is depressing when you're overweight. So anyway, I went into one store (yes, just one) and found a pair of jeans in the 'normal' section (read: non-'big'). They fit great and with room to spare in the waist! If I could have done cartwheels in the dressing room, trust me, I would have! Full of confidence in my new found jeans (in my new found size, which is 2-3 dress sizes smaller than what I was!!), I decided that I was going to splash out and buy a top as well. Found one in red, wasn't sure on the colour on me and opted to go for the black version. (Even though I've gotten rid of such weight, I'm still self-conscious and black is always more slimming, isn't it girls??) And the mention of buying the top leads me to my next update.

Earlier in the week (last week) Daddy and I had been invited out with some of His work colleagues for dinner and drinks on Friday night. Knowing that we were going out that night contributed to me buying the new top. So anyway, unfortunately Daddy was in a fair bit of pain all day and decided not to go, but wanted me to go anyway. I was disappointed that He wasn't coming (part of the reason I bought the new outfit was in hopes that a change of outfit i.e.. something new, might perhaps spark a little naughty fun). But I was still looking forward to going out.

I was the first to arrive (even though I was a little late myself). After most of us turned up (some came later) we got a table and settled in to drinkies and nibblies. Now, this was the first time that I had been out on the town here (I knew we'd head out dancing after drinks); it was also the first time I had been out with His work colleagues without Him (no big deal, they're all lovely women and really easy to talk to and comfortable to be around), but it was also going to be the first time that I had met a few of them (nerves starting kicking in a bit when I found out *after already being there* that people were coming that I didn't know). No need to worry though, got along with all of them great. I was the youngest, probably by about 20years, but it didn't even occur to me until the day after.

So I got to know them all a bit more, on a more personal level, rather than just being the 'girlfriend', which was really lovely. There wasn't an awkward moment the whole night and I had a great time! Couldn't believe how much the price of drinks had gone up since the last time I hit the town though (it had been a long time). I was the second one to leave (getting home just before midnight), as my feet were sore. Only a few years back I used to be able to crawl home after the clubs shut, after dancing ALL night and not even complain. Guess that's a sign I'm getting older huh? Daddy was in bed when I got home, and even though I was back, I wasn't tired enough to go to bed. So instead, I got changed, turned the heater on and played card games on the computer for almost two hours, then I went to bed (and froze my arse off, even though I was fully clothed, with socks and had brought a heat pack to bed with me for some warmth). Was shivering for quite some time before I fell asleep. And the next day I was running on 4hours sleep.

And just for a little extra, here's a couple of jokes that I heard from the girls that night, that I couldn't help but share.

What smells funny?

Clown Poo

Just naughty enough for a kid to get away with telling, but good enough that an adult can laugh at it as well. And the last one....definitely an adult only joke! (I'm laughing just thinking about it).

A woman comes home and find her husband furiously masturbating in the kitchen. She kneels in front of him and gives him the best blow job that he's ever had in his life. After he gets his breath back, he turns to her and says "What the fuck was that? We haven't had sex in over 6months, and then you go and do that!" To which her response was:

"Well. I'd rather clean my teeth than clean this fucking floor again!"

(Surely you're laughing at that one?!)

Have a good one.

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