Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dream a little dream...

I've had some strange dreams throughout my life, but they're always at the strangest when I'm sick. I'm never really surprised with how weird they are, that was until I woke up this morning.

Can a dream get any weirder than this? I think not.

All I can remember is that I was in a cage with a male Gorilla. There was another person in the cage with me and someone outside (I think the caretaker or keeper maybe). The gorilla was taking an interest in me (I presumed because I was the only female). At some point I took my top and bra off and this is where he took much more of an interest and was fascinated with my breasts, in particular my pierced nipples.

I cannot say that the dream went any further than this because this is all I can remember. But again, this is, by far, the strangest dream I've had.

Perhaps this is my subconscious telling me that it really is too long since I've had sex. Or maybe my inner child is just overdue for a trip to the zoo :-) Who knows?


  1. hehe
    dreams are surely weird!

  2. Or both!

    Maybe I should rent a gorilla costume . . .

  3. that's an awesome dream, lucy! one interpretation would be that it's got something to do with your own animal impulses-- that the gorilla is part of you, and that you have some curiosity about yourself and your feminine sexuality. with the cage there, i wonder if it's got to do with your submission... with how various parts of you are interacting within the containment of that submission. sounds to me like they are having a lot of fun, actually. :)

  4. As Riff said, you might just want to have sex with a guy in a gorilla suit!


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