Monday, August 04, 2008

The way to a man's heart....

Well tonight I've got a nice dinner all planned for us.

Chicken Kiev and Chicken Mignon with mashed potatoes, pumpkin, steamed corn, carrots and beans.

Fresh local strawberries topped with thickened cream and icing sugar.

It should be very nice. And do you know why I'm doing this? Just because. Just because I love him and just because I can. What better reason is there?


  1. Now my stomach is growling....

    You're on!

  2. That sounds lovely and delicious. What a lucky man you have there.

  3. what a sweetheart you are, Lucy

  4. And to top it off, He even got a sentimental love letter from me which He found on his bedside table when He got home. (Can you tell I'm a romantic at heart?)

    Such a good man that He is, He couldn't resist helping me prepare the veggies and mashing the potatoes :-) gotta love Him.

    Sounded yummy didn't it? It was, well apart from the fact that I burnt my Chicken Kiev a little (His Mignons were cooked to perfection though, so I did that right). Thanks for the comment.

    Coy pink,
    It really was a nice dinner, and all the better because we were eating it together :-) Thanks for dropping by.

    There's nothing else I can say but thank you.


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