Monday, January 19, 2009

To Shave Or Not To Shave (That Was The Question)

So if you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I’m a hair friendly girl. Unshaven arm pits and unshaven legs. Early December I spoke about my conundrum: To shave or not to shave, that was the question. And so far, I haven’t told you whether I did or not. (Thank you to those of you that left comments for me, showing your support and sharing your kind words. It was very much appreciated.)

I was planning on updating at some point on this topic, but I’ve been spurred into action by a comment left by Florida Dom on my 2008 Fave HNT post asking whether I decided to shave or not.

So, did I? Simply put, yes. My aunty was coming to visit December 21st and I had already decided that I wanted to shave. And I figured, well I may as well do it before she arrives.

This was something that I seriously thought about before doing. It definitely wasn’t a situation where I woke up one morning and thought “why don’t I shave today?” I debated all the reasons in my head, the for and against of both shaving and staying natural. I spoke with Daddy about it and He said it was up to me and that He would be happy with either way I went. He also reminded me that it was just hair and that if I decided to shave and then changed my mind, it was as easy as growing it back.

I made my decision to shave, not based on anything else but what I felt and what I felt I needed. You may have read my post "I'm working on it" (if you haven’t and you would like to fully understand where I’m coming from, then go do so now. This next part will make more sense after you read it).

Okay, so you went back and read it if you hadn’t already? Good. I shaved because I wanted to. I’m changing and I’m growing as a person. And I needed a change.

Having shaved legs for the first time in almost 18months was strange. That feeling you have after you shave your legs, the sensitivity, I’ve never liked that feeling. Especially in winter when I used to go to bed, I hated feeling the sheets and blankets on my bare legs; it was just annoying to me. So that feeling was something I had to get used to again. Granted I’ve shaved in summer so that’s been a plus.

I didn’t just shave my legs though. No, I went the whole hog and shaved under my arms too. Umm…weird. I don’t know if any of you have experienced this, but I hadn’t shaved for almost a whole year. You get so used to looking at your hair (at least I did), that after I had shaved it off and lifted my arms while looking in the mirror it was an odd sight. And just sitting here thinking about the difference between having hair and not having hair, I actually miss playing with it. I’d mindlessly play with my underarm hair or touch my legs to feel it.

Okay, so what are my thoughts now? Am I still shaving or was it just a ‘fad’? I’m still shaving. In fact, I’m maintaining (feel free to gasp in shock lol). I shave my legs everyday in the shower to keep that silky smooth feel to them. A couple of times I’ve thought about leaving them go another day or two, and then I think of all the extra time I would have to spend shaving (because the hairs would be longer) and I think “Fuck that, I’ll do it now”.

Under my arms, I haven’t done in about a week. Why? Well that’s where the problems come into play. I previously mentioned that there were medical reasons that were partly why I wasn’t shaving. I had a growth under my arm a while back. It ended up at the point where I was flat out doing anything with that arm because of how sore it was. The doctor couldn’t tell me what it was and everything I used to try & get rid of it wasn’t working. I opted to have it cut out and tested. The tests came back negative…I still don’t know what it was. This however, has left me with a rather large and bumpy scar in the crease under my arm. This is what makes it so goddamn hard to shave now. I have to be extremely gentle when shaving so I don’t cut myself. As well as this, the hairs catch in the razor and pull the skin (even with new blades), which causes me to wince in pain. Shaving my legs is fine, but shaving under my arms is not a pleasant experience. I, in fact, dread it.

Mum and I were talking about my hair (or lack thereof) when I was back home. It wasn’t until she saw my scar that she really understood why I don’t like shaving under my arms. That and a bit of a chat and (I think) she realises now that it doesn’t matter if I’m hairy or not.

There’s only one other thing that I’m not liking about being shaved…perspiration. Yep, I’m sweating way more now than what I used to when I was hairy. That, I do not like at all.

So am I going to stay shaved? Yes, for the moment I am. I’m enjoying having smooth, hairless legs. And another plus is that when I go out and other people look at me, I know they’re not looking because I’m a hair-friendly girl. The inner fat girl voice says they’re looking at me, judging me, still not seeing my beauty. She soon shuts up when the inner hot girl (who is speaking up a lot more these days) says: “Fuck off; they’re looking ‘cause she’s smokin’ hot in her mini skirt. Damn girl, work those legs!”

For the moment, I’m happy working my shaved legs ;-)


  1. Well its sounds like it is working out good! I had commented on the post you linked!
    yay me!

  2. I'm glad that you made the choice for your and that you're happy with it!

    I love the feeling of newly shaven legs. :) But, I also don't shave my pubic hair (I don't like to and my Master prefers that I don't). Even though that's easier to hide than underarms and legs, it still is out of the norm for many subs, I think. But I don't like how it feels or looks. So I understand you not wanting to shave (your underarms or whatever).


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