Monday, January 26, 2009


I was yours last night. Totally and completely yours. I was hanging from every word you said. You spoke about the whore board and bringing it out again. This time talking about the variation that my masturbation will have, now that I have not one but two lovers.

Some days you will set a time limit, other times you will give me a goal of a certain number of orgasms I must achieve. Being the naughty little girl I am, I asked “But how can you be sure I’m not lying?” Your response was exactly as I had hoped. You said I was good and that you trusted me. However, you also said that you could make me film my time spent masturbating.

We spoke of you setting a low number of orgasms and me having to film it. I smiled devilishly and bravely said “But I can just turn the camera off when I’ve reached your target and continue”. I knew I was being bold. I knew I wasn’t behaving like the good little girl that I should. But I did it anyway.

You kissed me on my lips then trailed your kisses along my cheek and up to my ear. My eyes were closed; I was listening intently to the sounds of you jerking your hard cock, your staggered breath in my ear.

You broke the silence when you spoke into my ear “but you’re such a good slave”. My breath caught between my lips, had I been standing your words would have brought me to my knees. I felt that involuntary twitch; my body was in your control. My arousal dependent on what you did or said next.

It was then that I was close. Neither without undressing or any contact between my legs, had you commanded me to cum then, I believe I would have.

Do you even know the power you have over me?


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